Mobile is changing the world – is your organization ready for Mobile Capture?

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touchscreenWork dynamics and consumer expectations are constantly evolving. In fact, “IDC predicts that Smartphone and tablet spending will hit $484 billion, generating 40% of all IT growth” (IDC MaturityScape Benchmark:  Enterpise Mobilty in the United States, May 2015 , IDC# #256392). Employees work from remote locations and with increased connectivity and power in mobile technology, they can work from anywhere with Mobile Capture solutions. Customers expect to interact with businesses from their mobile device and to have their needs met quickly, easily, and within a personalized experience.

With IBM Datacap Mobile, also known as Mobile Capture, employees can capture and submit important documents at the first point of contact using the capabilities of their Smartphone or tablet. Errors in the document can be identified and corrected immediately, which increases accuracy. Processing time is reduced because the latency (and cost) involved in shipping paper documents is removed. Customer satisfaction is increased because the customer benefits from a faster, streamlined resolution to their case.

First-time customers can use Datacap Mobile for free with Box! If you don’t have Box, start your free trial today! Snap photos with the app from iTunes and automatically crop, enhance, and save them right into Box. Or, open a photo in Box and have Datacap Mobile clean it up.  Use the on-device OCR technology: with your finger, draw a box around the data you need. The data is lifted from the photo and populates the document description.

Already a Datacap customer? Experience the full power of Datacap Mobile by purchasing Datacap Mobile licenses to gain additional features beyond what the free app offers. These additional benefits include processing Driver’s Licenses and Passports, automatically identifying documents, lifting all data using optical character recognition, and using the mobile Software’s Developer Kit within your own mobile apps.

You can use enhanced Datacap configuration tools to export a complex Datacap document model and application definition to support more advanced business needs. Benefit from support for barcode-based auto-classification and zonal recognition templates to export metadata to Box Custom Meta. You can also consume Box Metadata Templates to configure the Datacap application data model all with our new release for Datacap Mobile and Box!

There is no better time to see how your organization could benefit from Datacap Mobile and Box. Start by streamlining processes across multiple platforms and create a seamless experience for business users and customers on any iOS device.

Check out this demo video to see Datacap Mobile in action, and learn more here!

Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, IBM ECM

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