Experience the power of private cloud: IBM Bluemix Local System

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Imagine a single cloud platform where your company can run both preexisting enterprise apps and new cloud apps all on one single platform, behind your own firewall. A local private cloud that automatically accelerates, automates and optimizes your application environments, while your team focuses on building exciting new apps.

Today, IBM is introducing the IBM Bluemix Local System generation-3 release of IBM PureApplication System on Intel. We created a new appliance that allows you to run your enterprise app stacks alongside cloud-native apps in a single, fully-integrated, optimized on-premises environment, providing the business agility and security you need to stay ahead of your competition.

IBM Bluemix Local System is available on two models:

  • IBM Bluemix Local System W3500 “iSCSI” – Optimizes price/performance and is well suited to workloads typically targeted to PureApplication Gen2 Systems (WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Commerce and Portal).
  • IBM Bluemix Local System W3550 “Flash”- Targeted for workloads such as MQ and Analytics. This model includes all Flash drives, Fibre channel internal networking and more memory for performance-sensitive applications.

On Bluemix Local System cloud-native apps are optimized by IBM Bluemix Local, while enterprise, middleware apps are cloud-enabled and optimized by IBM PureApplication Software. You can choose to activate each of these solutions at any time with just the click of a button.

Watch this video where I explain the technicalities and benefits of IBM Bluemix Local System:

The powerful combination of Bluemix Local and PureApplication Software on Bluemix Local System

Let’s start with PureApplication. PureApplication Software provides you with the ability to accelerate and simplify the repeatable deployment and lifecycle management tasks of running enterprise middleware workloads. This allows for the replication of processes and policies flawlessly, with no human error.

With Bluemix Local, your team can write apps once and run them across multiple platforms. As a result, your organization is able to easily connect data and application programming interfaces in just one spot.

Combining these two solutions on premises with IBM Bluemix Local System provides you with increased control and ensures compliance by running mission-critical apps behind your firewall. All while at the same time deploying enterprise apps into dev/test and production environments in just minutes!

The business value of IBM Bluemix Local System

Now you can expect more from your private cloud. By bringing cloud-native apps and cloud-enabled apps onto one platform, you can improve your organization’s economics, agility and scalability, while staying in control and in compliance of data regulations. Some of the key benefits of the IBM Bluemix Local System include:

  • Rapid deployment – It is up and running quickly, with no manual set up.
  • High availability – A fully redundant system to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Integrated monitoring – Built-in visibility and management under a single pane of glass.

As a whole, the beauty of IBM Bluemix Local System is that it takes away the pain of configuration, integration and management. That delivers a consistent app environment, fully integrated and optimized to accelerate deployment of both your traditional apps AND your cloud-born apps, with one single point of support.

You can focus on building new, exciting applications and services for your customers, while IBM Bluemix Local System manages the rest.

To see the new IBM Bluemix Local System, and visualize how PureApplication and Bluemix Local work together to bring you a seamless experience, click here. You can also join the conversation on Twitter by tweeting #PureApp or #BluemixLocalSystem.

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