Move to IBM Datacap on Cloud: Your Bridge to Digital Transformation

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Cloud computing has become synonymous with modernization. IBM recently did a C-suite study and discovered that 66 percent of CIOs expect cloud computing and services to transform the way businesses operate. IBM’s managed cloud hosting solutions can help CIOs and IT leaders focus on growth assignments by reducing the daily management of enterprise applications.

So, why are more and more organizations moving to the cloud? Here are my top picks for you to consider:

  1. It’s the future. Whether you like to or not, your organization will be moving to the cloud. Applications and technologies are more accessible when you move to the cloud. Researchers predict there will be more than 8.2 billion active mobile devices by 2020, and this alone will drive cloud significant adoption.
  2. It’s safer. It’s very important for those that are in charge of public sector data and their suppliers to exercise security, including data protection, data security and data jurisdiction when using cloud services. Move to cloud for backup and recovery will save time, avoid capital expenditures, and use third-party expertise.
  3. It’s elastic. Managed service offerings are perfect for organizations with increasing or variable demands. It’s easy to scale up or down and this level of agility can give your organization using managed service offerings a big competitive advantage. After all, CIOs rank business agility as a top driver for cloud adoption.
  4. It’s cost-friendly. Cloud services can greatly reduce hardware costs when you pay as you go and reap the benefits of a subscription-based model. With convenient setup and management, it’s never been easier to take the first step to cloud adoption.
  5. It’s collaborative. Your teams can access, edit and share documents anytime, anywhere easily in the cloud. You can manage your projects more effectively by making edits in real-time with having full visibility of the team’s collaboration.

Now that you understand the benefits of moving to the cloud, I want to share with you a new IBM managed services offering called IBM Datacap on Cloud. If you are looking to streamline the capture, recognition and classification of your business documents, then this offering is the way to go.

IBM Datacap on Cloud  includes all the features and functions of the on-premise IBM Datacap solution, while avoiding the need for capital expenses, Datacap servers, help desk staff, Datacap software upgrades support feeds, and more. Organizations of all sizes can leverage IBM Datacap on Cloud to deploy applications. Simplified configurations enable deployment without the need to count, track or pay for specific users. It’s simple and easy. You can also purchase add-ons, including additional storage in one Terabyte increments (either dedicated environment or non-production environment) in order to meet your organization’s data storage and performance needs. Separately priced optional services are available, which include: data migration, conversion and training, and integration with other business applications. IBM Datacap is also available in a simple, fixed amount per model, per month to support a set of users, storage and features.

Why wait? Get on the cloud and start seeing how your organization can capitalize on the agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud. A digital approach can lower your costs, enhance customer engagement, and deliver better business outcomes. Read our infographic to find out more about IBM Datacap on Cloud today!

Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, IBM ECM

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