IBM WebSphere: The cornerstone to your cloud strategy

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Cloud is an essential competitive differentiator for digital enterprises and has become a key element in digital disruption. But in a world with public, dedicated, private and hybrid cloud options, it’s critical to understand which environment best suits your workload.

Some applications make sense to run on premises, while others are better suited to run in a public cloud. You should be able to choose the best environment for your applications and have the freedom to easily and seamlessly change and scale where an application runs based on your business needs.

How can you embrace cloud easily and change as quickly as your next business idea? How can you make changes today to help position yourself as a disruptor leading the charge? IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 9 is here.

IBM WebSphere V9: The cornerstone for your cloud strategy

IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 9 provides the foundation for your cloud strategy with easy onramps to create new applications and APIs, to connect existing on-premises apps with cloud services and APIs and to optimize your entire application infrastructure with speed while helping to reduce costs. And you have the freedom to choose your environment and make the necessary transitions without disrupting your applications or infrastructure.

Create with speed and consistency

Built to speed the application delivery pipeline, the entire WebSphere V9 portfolio is JEE7 certified and provides a lightweight, composable runtime and microservices environment that can be integrated across any DevOps tool chain. This promotes consistency across any environment, be it public, private or hybrid. Additionally, with WebSphere V9 developers can jump-start cloud native apps with the Liberty app accelerator, deploy directly to IBM Bluemix and utilize Spring and Spring Boot frameworks within their applications.

Connect to and from the cloud

Not everyone creates all new cloud-native apps. With a wealth of enterprise investment and knowledge already flowing through existing Java apps, IBM WebSphere Connect capabilities give you the ability to connect to and from the cloud to extend the value of your on-premises applications.

Think of the possibilities that await your business as you seamlessly connect your on-premises apps to cloud services like IBM Watson, the Internet of Things, IBM Cloudant and IBM dashDB. For example, using the Watson Language Translation service on Bluemix, you could build a customer support app that allows a customer to write their question in English and interact with a Spanish-speaking live chat representative. Watson automatically handles the translation, which allows a company to explore lower cost options while still providing an engaging customer experience.

Optimize your environment with the freedom to deploy anywhere

To move at the speed of business, you need technology as nimble as your business strategy. With IBM WebSphere V9 you can seamlessly move apps with any cloud container service like IBM Bluemix, Docker (including WebSphere support for Docker Datacenter) or VMware. Save the expense of building a new data center and use the application portability of WebSphere V9 easily to seamlessly move your apps to the cloud to enter a new market or country while taking advantage of flexible “pay-as-you-go” pricing models. If you have unique conditions where a single or multi-tenant hosted environment makes sense due to regulatory or other country or application-specific requirements, IBM WebSphere on Cloud can provide that as well.

How are companies really embracing cloud?

With so many companies racing to succeed in this ever-changing digital environment, knowing how cloud can be your cornerstone to business transformation is key. Want to learn more? Join me and a panel of industry experts in a video webcast to learn how IBM WebSphere V9 fits into your overall cloud strategy. Register now!

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