Giving hybrid cloud the spotlight it deserves with VMware desktop services

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Lots of recent discussion has focused on the rapidly growing hybrid cloud market. But just why does hybrid cloud computing matter?

Hybrid is the new reality for migration to cloud. It’s the fastest-growing segment in the enterprise cloud space. Clients want control and flexibility in making decisions about taking their existing IT infrastructure into the cloud.

That’s why giving users the ability to mix on-premises, private cloud and public cloud services along with the ability to orchestrate between the two platforms has become so important. This is what hybrid is all about.

Earlier this year, IBM and VMware announced a strategic partnership designed to help enterprises significantly reduce the cost and complexity of running workloads in a hybrid cloud environment.  As a result, VMware customers can easily move any workload from their on-premises servers to the IBM Cloud as if they were part of a local area network.

Today, IBM and VMware are extending our relationship to enable new desktop-as-a-service capabilities running on IBM Cloud.

In this short video, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware and Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President of IBM Cloud, discuss how the two companies are expanding their cloud partnership with new desktop services.

By running Horizon Air on the IBM Cloud, the two companies are giving mobile users the flexibility to securely access applications and data from any device, anywhere at any time.

Today’s news builds on our existing partnership to accelerate enterprise hybrid cloud adoption to help customers leverage VMware’s proven technologies with the growing footprint of 46 IBM Cloud Data Centers worldwide.

Read more from VMWare about its growing relationship with IBM.

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