Moving to the cloud is strategic for education in India

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Getting my learn-on digitally!Disruptive technologies have redefined how knowledge is created, disseminated and consumed.

Gone are the days when learning was restricted within four walls of a classroom at fixed times. The education system has come a long way from classroom education to distance learning, eLearning and now personalized learning.

The digital generation demands access to learning anytime, anywhere, anyhow.  Educational institutions that are agile and embrace innovation through technology have a greater competitive edge.

Moving to the cloud opens up numerous avenues to create innovative learning platforms.

Four reasons to move to the cloud

For established institution and education technology startups, the admission season is the most demanding time. An innovative cloud platform can:

  1. Efficiently manage sudden spikes in data transactions and handle high volumes of enquiries, visits, and registrations
  2. Engage with admission seekers, ensuring 24×7 uptime with complete access to and control of your infrastructure
  3. Deliver a smooth digital experience for prospective students and information seekers with no server crashes or response lag time
  4. Custom build and enhance your institution’s web presence through dynamic hardware configurations and software capabilities for continuous improvement


Infrastructure that gives you optimal performance, flexibility and control is a major differentiator.  Key benefits include:

  • Faster analysis of huge volumes of institutional data
  • Optimized computer and storage resources and decreased maintenance periods, which significantly reduce costs
  • Faster deployment time to improve student and staff engagement
  • Enhanced business agility

Checklist for choosing your cloud

Infrastructure is a critical component to the success of your business, so it is vital to understand it well.  Before you choose your cloud, ensure that it has all these qualities:

  • Agile: Does your cloud give you the speed and agility to be up and running within few minutes or hours, depending on your need?
  • Flexible: Do you have a choice among public, private or hybrid clouds?
  • Scalable: Will you have the facility to scale up (for spikes during admission season) or scale down?
  • Customizable: Can you automate and build your cloud environment as you want it?
  • Affordable: Do you have the option of pay-per-use?
  • Controllable: Will you have full and complete control over your infrastructure as and when you want it?
  • Secure: How secure is your data? Does it reside in a data center within your country, or is it somewhere remote?

Education in India

India’s education sector has more than 1.4 million schools with north of 227 million students enrolled. It has more than 36,000 higher education institutions. It is booming and still growing.

With the government of India’s focus on digital innovation and startups, the education sector is in for exciting times ahead and is poised to take off on a rapid growth curve. For example, the Indian online education sector alone is estimated to reach $40 billion by 2017, according to an IBEF report.

Moving to the cloud is no longer an option. It is a strategic imperative for the Indian educational institutions.

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