Cut the Chaos in Your Legal Department

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Chaos!  Chaos is in our home lives and even in our work lives everyday.  Awaking to your three dogs barking in your ear you realize several things all at once as a wave of panic sets in.  It’s not Sunday! The dogs are barking because one they need to go outside and two they are hungry.  Why are they hungry? They are on a schedule that was all but obliterated after you hit the snooze for the 42nd time. The sound of the garbage truck through the neighborhood helps further greet you into this chaotic reality of the day.  It’s Monday, it’s garbage day, and you are still laying in bed.

As your feet hit the floor and you turn the alarm off, you stumble as the cats, who have also missed their feeding time, weave between your legs attempting to knock you to the floor. You race down the stairs letting the zoo out into the wild as you race past the door to find two different shoes to slip on and grab a robe to use as some semblance of a cover-up.  The garbage has to make it to the curb.  The driver of the garbage truck accelerates towards your driveway as if he had the pole position at the Indy 500, racing towards your stop.  And then it hits you as the chaos of your morning crosses into your work life.  You are due in court today and your files are back at the corporate office.

You are now off to the races.  The sounds of that Beatles song:runningman

“Woke up, fell out of bed

Dragged a comb across my head

Found my way downstairs…”

is playing to the soundtrack in your head as you race out the door.

But what happens when this work life chaos is not just a random act of “Monday” and has crept into your legal department.  Today you do everything in triplicate because your existing systems don’t talk each other.  The only thing that you know about the ECM system that you negotiate in conversation. I removed the quotation marks.the contract for is that the original signed contract is probably in a file folder sitting on Mary Ann’s desk.  George your best litigator refuses to do anything electronically because he doesn’t ‘trust computers,’ making even your cobbled together matter management system a liability.  And of course when you needed that file this morning there was no way to get it except physically go to the office.

In the Blog Outthink Content Chaos with Case Management, Trent Shupe, Portfolio Marketing Manager, Case Management and Smarter Process, IBM writes:

“These problems are actually common symptoms of what we call content chaos…We all experience content chaos.  It causes delays and results in sub-optimal decisions and outcomes.”

Really? sub-optimal decisions and outcomes? In our legal department?  How does a sub-optimal decision or outcome work when we are trying to negotiate a million-dollar contract?  Does sub-optimal apply when we have missed a version of our contract with a vendor and 3 years down the road we realize we are not protected for their non-performance.  What happens when our absent minded executive leaves the details of our impending merger on the table of a restaurant because we do everything in paper.  What is the cost of missing court filing deadlines because we do everything in a manual manner? This is content chaos.

mountainofworkThere is extreme pressure to grow in today’s challenging economy while reducing costs. Many companies are turning towards their legal departments or office of the General Counsel, asking them to assume a more business-oriented role and provide counsel on strategic business decisions. This requires legal teams to be very agile and do more – often without additional resources.

With each new project, these teams must manage increased workloads and shifting priorities. They must access accurate information quickly and effectively manage caseloads, calendars and deadlines to ensure matters are resolved efficiently within the prescribed process of the law. But what if you could:

  • Ensure cases/matters are handled in a consistent manner
  • Increase efficiency by viewing entire caseloads/workloads from one screen
  • Improve insight into team workloads and calendar
  • Leverage a secure, compliant and centralized location for content storage
  • Work in familiar Microsoft Office applications
  • Stay up-to-date on important issues with real-time notifications

The enChoice KwikWork Legal matter management solution is purposefully built to help legal departments overcome some of the obstacles and hurdles you may have encountered. Built upon the IBM Content Navigator user experience platform, and IBM Case Manager, KwikWork Legal can help you Cut the Chaos!

Visit enChoice at the IBM Content 2016 events to learn more about KwikWork Legal and our other products  KwikWork UX and KwikWork Integrator.  You can also visit our website to learn more.

enChoice, Senior Product Manager

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