Keeping visibility, control and security simple with hybrid cloud

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Hybrid-Cloud-Dummies_TOC_400x640_Chapter-2The best thing about hybrid cloud can also be the worst thing if you’re not careful.

I’m talking about being able to run workloads in a variety of environments—public cloud, private cloud, on-premises data center—and having the flexibility to choose the ideal environment to do what’s best for the business in any situation.

It sounds great, but only if you’re able to view, control and secure all the deployment models as a single, unified computing environment. Otherwise, the effort and time required to manage multiple complex environments separately will undermine the speed and flexibility hybrid cloud is intended to deliver.

This is an important point to keep in mind as you evaluate the management services available from cloud providers who only focus on one component of hybrid cloud. Yes, Amazon provides cloud management for Amazon Web Services – but that management doesn’t extend to systems running in on-premises systems or on other public clouds.

Let’s take a quick look at three aspects of managing in a hybrid cloud environment and why it’s so important to have an end-to-end capability for each.

Visibility across cloud and on-premises environments in the hybrid cloud is critical to a clear and complete understanding of what’s happening with a workload. That’s particularly important because workloads may comprise multiple applications in different environments.

We see a great example of this in banking, where it’s not unusual for a workload to include a mobile app, a cloud app and an on-premises app. (Think about a banking app on your phone that starts a transaction by accessing a security application in a public cloud, but then has to access customer data that’s in an on-premises, backend system.) If there’s a problem, end-to-end visibility means IT operations has a complete view of the workload and everything associated with it on a single monitor rather than having to look in three different places to see where the problem is and where accountability for it lies.

Control across the hybrid cloud is also vital for efficiently starting and stopping workloads and the apps associated with them. Automation is a key enabler of end-to-end control because it provides an efficient means of scheduling resources and performing other functions associated with resource allocation.

Security across the workload is essential to securing data and allowing access only the right people to sensitive information in on-premises systems. An end-to-end approach to applying security is essential to ensure that security is consistent across all elements of the hybrid cloud environment.

Hybrid cloud has the potential to change for the better how organizations operate. Learn why a comprehensive approach to managing visibility, control and security is fundamental to realizing that potential. Download your copy of the IBM limited-edition book Hybrid Cloud for Dummies. You’ll find it a very useful guide to take along on your journey to hybrid cloud.

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