Speeding cloud innovation with app deployment automation

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Deployment AutomationC-level executives are looking to the cloud to speed innovation.

The business environment is becoming increasingly competitive. The fear of being “Ubered” by competitors who come out of nowhere is forcing IT executives to deliver quality apps to the market faster than ever to meet customer demand.  Concerns about high failure rates, reduced deployment times and management of complex IT environments are among the many software delivery challenges businesses face today.

Adopting a DevOps approach can help reduce risks and increase rewards by achieving continuous delivery within a hybrid cloud environment.

In this video, IBM DevOps distinguished engineer Dan Berg discusses how automating application deployment with Urban Code Deploy can lead to faster innovation by speeding app delivery.

However, automation is only one benefit of Urban Code Deploy. IT Executives can take advantage of tools that provide details on which components are deployed in each department and who is deploying them.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy provides visibility across those processes and answers essential questions that can reduce human error, achieve consistency and allow users to react quickly in a more controlled environment.

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