The Circle of Life in Big Data, Analytics, the Cloud and CMOD

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IBM has thousands of archive and retrieval customers using CM OnDemand (CMOD), the largest of which has over 33 petabytes under management, with many others in the same size range. One of these customers was ordered to prove that they hadn’t been overcharging their customers in fees and wanted 10 years of VISA statements (classic “dark data”) to be analyzed. Our customers have enormous archives that they have been feeding for many years and they also have Big Data and Analytics solutions from IBM. Many are finding how easily these solutions complement each other. IBM’s CMOD archival and retrieval solution is also often at the core of the experience that their end customers receive and is being used for archival of analytics tools like Cognos, with no integration needed. These tools are designed to work with each other in the Cloud and can be rapidly provisioned for rapid time to value.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, global business leader and celebrity, has stated that when he meets with the C-Suite of any organization, they are all concerned about two things: the insights they can derive from Big Data and the customer experience that they are delivering. The premier organization in the world for Customer Communications Management, Xplor, is comprised of vendors that have the tools to create the customer communications or organizations that are the caretakers of the critical archives of outbound customer communications. These archives easily become “dark data” if they are not Big Data ready.  A 360 view of a client can only be achieved if companies can run analytics against that archived data. Customer Communication Management professionals generate the documents that are at the source of 80% of customer contact/experience and also represent 80% of the volume of Big Data that needs to be analyzed by organizations for deep and actionable business insights. By design, archived data in IBM CMOD is available for Big Data analysis. With IBM CMOD, your data is protected from becoming dark data.

IBM CMOD and Analytics partners like Crawford Technologies and Datawatch can feed the analytics engines like Watson, Cognos and Spark to derive deep business insight and achieve tremendous business value and customer experience. In just one recent example, Crawford Technologies helped a bank that needed to quickly implement a solution to extract relevant transaction information out of its customers’ credit card statements, which were archived in an Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) format in an IBM CMOD system. Once extracted and converted into XML, the data was placed in the bank’s Big Data environment, where it was validated, analyzed and the proper reporting created. These statements had been archived in the IBM CMOD system at an estimated rate of 500 million pages per month for those 10 years. Crawford Technologies successfully delivered meaningful data to a Big Data engine where analysis was performed and the organization was able to provide legal proof of its compliance with banking regulations.

We invite you to learn more about CMOD and partner solutions to reimagine what and how ECM can help you advance your customer engagement and communications. You can watch a 2-minute video on Report Mining Server by Datawatch and CMOD, or watch a 1-minute video on how to bridge CMOD data with Big Data analytics. I also invite you to read this writeup on the successful project delivered by Crawford Technologies combining Dark Data, Big Data and Analytics.

We also would like to inform you that IBM is running free 2-day workshops available on customer communication data archival and retrieval solutions that are Big Data ready.  Sign up for a workshop near you here.

Worldwide Sales Leader and Senior Certified Consultant, CM OnDemand Solutions, IBM

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