Power of 3: Box Zones, IBM Cloud, and IBM Cloud Object Storage

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Box and IBM have deepened their partnership, announcing their newest product – Box Zones – today. Box Zones enables businesses around the globe to adopt Box as an essential component of their enterprise content management platform, and store, manage and access content in the ever-expanding network of IBM Cloud data centers. With data centers in over 17 countries starting with regions in Europe and Asia, this partnership marries the powerful capabilities of Box with the ability to store data regionally across Europe and Asia on IBM Cloud. It empowers businesses to centralize critical content and enhance productivity, while addressing local data storage requirements.

IBM_BOX_LockUp_ColorThe power of three

Great things come in threes – and that rings true once again. With Box, IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Object Storage, we bring together an uncompromising trifecta in data and content management.

First, Box: more than half of the Fortune 500 use Box for secure content management and collaboration, with a significant portion of those clients based outside of the United States particularly across Europe and Asia. Box Zones will allow businesses outside of the USA to adopt Box with confidence and transform the way they work while addressing data residency concerns.

Second, IBM Cloud: IBM brings the global reach of IBM Cloud data centers worldwide combined with the ability to support clients’ need for hybrid cloud environments as they integrate data across on-premises and cloud. Over the last 24 months, IBM has been focused on expanding our data centers around the world, which in turn, ensures we can provide our clients with choice and control as to where their data resides. Clients will be able to control the region where their data is stored, expanding the types of content they store in Box – including data with geo-compliance security and/or performance requirements – and easily access and manage it. With content centralized, and managed, clients will be able to employ the IBM Content Management portfolio to build applications that bring together content from Box with content from on-premises systems-of-record applications. With Box Zones, Box clients will enjoy transparency and peace-of-mind.

Third, IBM Cloud Object Storage: IBM Cloud Object Storage announced at InterConnect 2016 is the engine that powers Box Zones on the IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud Object Storage brings patented technology from Cleversafe (acquired by IBM in 2015) to the IBM Cloud. This technology enables clients to store data at the petabyte and exabyte level, and encrypts, expands, slices and disperses data to further protect your information effectively and efficiently! Cost effective, web scale storage becomes essential as you progress in your digital transformation, employing technology across cloud, mobile, IOT (Internet-of-Things), analytics, social, even cognitive.

The Power of Three. With Box Zones, IBM Cloud, the underlying IBM Cloud Object Storage and offerings like IBM Content Navigator – you now have the elements to take your IT, cloud and content management strategy to the next level. And even take your digital transformation to the cognitive level with IBM Watson. A universe of possibilities ready to be explored!

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