Documenting 20 years of The Masters and IBM

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amen cornerA lot can happen in 20 years.

For proof, look no further than the relationship between IBM and The Masters Tournament, which started in 1996 with the development of the golf classic’s first-ever website. Since then, Masters Digital has grown exponentially, to the point where this year’s tournament will be the first ever sporting event streamed live in 4K resolution.

The Masters blog detailed the digital evolution:

IBM debuted what was then called on April 2, 1996 as Nick Faldo would go on to rally for his third Green Jacket. The first course cam was introduced in 1998, followed by remote cameras in 2001 located at the practice facility and hole Nos. 12 and 16 and live video from the practice facility and hole Nos. 6 and 12 in 2005. The first iPhone app with live streaming was introduced in 2009. Track was introduced in 2015, allowing visitors to watch their favorite players or the leaders in real time.

For more details about the two organizations’ long history as well as more about this year’s unprecedented streaming options, check out the post on

IBM Cloud and The Masters

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