You’ve got what it takes with IBM WebSphere Connect

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Think you’ve got what it takes to become a digital business? If you said yes, you’d be right. What if the key to your digital success was hiding in your existing WebSphere apps, data and services? What if new revenue streams, untapped markets and restless ecosystems were waiting to connect into your established WebSphere environment? Think it’s not possible? Think again.

IBM Cloud is your ticket to digital reinvention

Today, bringing apps and data to the cloud and exposing what makes your company unique, and showing off makes it truly competitive is your ticket to digital reinvention. We should know. We’ve helped companies like India’s fifth largest private-sector bank, create new outlets for their applications, data and services by exposing them as APIs and connecting to them to the IBM Cloud. The result? New pathways filled with new customers, partners and revenue, stamped with their unique differentiation. YES BANK expanded its business by extending its services through an interactive and socially-enabled developer portal to create new, digital partnerships and new revenue.

The API economy: Participate or be left behind

Unlocking these opportunities from your existing foundation is our primary goal. APIs and cloud are the bedrock of ecosystem innovation. They allow you to create and deliver new digital services to market in minutes without having to reinvent the wheel. Publish your APIs and watch the ripple effect, because as the API economy continues to grow and first-mover benefits increase, the benefits are clear: participate or be left behind.

Think you’ve got what it takes? You do.

To stay ahead in a market that expects you to change and meet customer demands on the fly, you need the flexibility and scale to leverage your apps and data wherever they suit you best – whether on premises or on the cloud. IBM can help you capitalize on your applications and insight to create unforgettable customer experiences that keep your customers coming back each and every time. A series of Connect offerings has been designed to expand your existing application and data investments by connecting them to the IBM Cloud.

Introducing IBM WebSphere Connect

IBM WebSphere Connect is one of a new series of IBM Connect offerings that can help you quickly connect your WebSphere apps and data to the cloud without the need to rewrite apps or acquire new data.

With IBM WebSphere Connect you can:

  • Maximize existing WebSphere investments with hybrid cloud capabilities.
  • Free up resources by creating and publishing APIs to your applications and data through the cloud.
  • Make it easy for any cloud developer to access the data your business already owns in order to personalize the user experience of any application.

WebSphere Connect gives you the power to discover, create and publish APIs from within your existing WebSphere environment. Capitalize on your existing skills and resources for fast and easy implementation, and manage within the WebSphere environment you already have and know.

It’s Time to Connect Now.

You can start now and get IBM WebSphere Connect plus:

1-hour Connect Digital Meet-up

3-day Connect Quickstart Workshop

Connect Services on IBM Bluemix

Unlock what makes you unique. Learn more about the seamless ways IBM WebSphere Connect allows you to connect to the cloud and utilize what you’ve got today to forge your path to the digital world. Start today by clicking here.

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