Cognitive cooking for diabetics with Chef Watson

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Diabetes affects “382 million people worldwide, and that number is expected to grow to 592 million by 2035.” With the global diabetes care market projected to reach $122 billion by 2022, Cognitive computing, cloud technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) are poised to help diabetics worldwide achieve a better quality of life and outcomes through personalized nutritional information.

Our society faces significant health problems. The United States ranks ninth in life expectancy among nations in the developed world. We have a workforce plagued with absenteeism and reduced productivity because of chronic health problems. According to Health Affairs, 78% of healthcare expenditures are for the treatment of chronic diseases.ChefWatsonCognitive.png

Diet is a key contributing factor to chronic health issues, in part due to a lack of focus and imbalance of nutrients. Cognitive computing, cloud technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) are beginning to influence our daily lives, diets, health and wellness.

With the emergence of cognitive personalized services entering the global marketplace (such as Diet-as-a-Service), these programs are beginning to enable, educate, and empower employees, patients, customers, families and individuals to achieve a sustainable, optimized diet based on a person’s health profile, wellness goals and genetic makeup.

There are many medical conditions which require patients to be on special diets. More than 29 million people in the United States have diabetes; one in four of those people don’t know they have it. Another 86 million—more than one in three U.S. adults—have prediabetes.

This presents an opportunity for the emerging cognitive culture to embrace cognitive health and wellness services by delivering personalized nutritional information to diabetics and people with other chronic diseases.

In many cases, not following a diet prescribed for a medical condition can lead to a severe health crisis. Cognitive enabled health and wellness services can offer everyone personalized nutritional recommendations based on health history, personal goals and genetics. These services provide evidence-based diet information and advice so people can improve their overall eating patterns, including an optimal combination of foods, drinks and macronutrients.

IBM Chef Watson with Bon Appetit is pioneering a new era of cooking that helps chefs discover and create original, unique recipes with the help of flavor compound algorithms. The opportunity to align this work with the dietary needs of patients and health-conscious consumers worldwide presents some exciting possibilities.

With cognitive computing, cloud technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), our generation has a unique opportunity to improve healthcare outcomes and global quality of life for patients and consumers worldwide.

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Cloud Advisors Russell Hargraves, Karolyn A. Schalk, Sumit Patel, Matthew Grosso and Joseph D. Mostowy contributed to this article.

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