Easy on-ramps to hybrid cloud are the best bet in Vegas

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Maybe I’m in the Las Vegas spirit, but if I were a betting man, I’d bet a dollar every time I heard someone say “hybrid cloud” and undoubtedly, I’d hit the jackpot.  Why? Well, after spending the past two days at the IBM InterConnect Conference in Las Vegas, hybrid cloud has been at the forefront of every conversation.

Hybrid cloud has emerged as the cornerstone for digital transformation, enabling developers to up their ante by creating mobile, IoT and other client engagement applications that connect to enterprise data and services, delivering unique and compelling customer experiences without starting from scratch.  Sounds like a long shot with low odds? Well, it’s now easier than you think.

IBM announced a new series of Connect Offerings for IBM Cloud to help businesses unlock the value of their existing applications, data and services by connecting them to and from the cloud.   In short, these new offerings fundamentally transform how you can extend your IT investments and capabilities with hybrid cloud.

IBM’s entire software platform portfolio is now available on the cloud via public, private, or on-premises delivery models, with easy on-ramps to hybrid cloud.

Application Infrastructure

Marie Wieck, General Manager of IBM Cloud Application Services said, “The power of cloud based applications is that you can easily represent both real time information and the collective knowledge on any topic. That’s always going to be a combination of newly created services and existing apps, many of which exist on-premises.”

These new offerings allow clients to do just that, unlock the value of their billion dollar IT investments through a hybrid cloud approach, creating new cloud-native applications that connect to existing on-premises applications and data.

At the core of IBM’s new offerings is WebSphere Connect, a set of hybrid cloud capabilities leveraging cloud services and APIs to enhance applications, whether cloud-native or on-premises.  These new capabilities allow developers to expose enterprise data and services as APIs, and connect to and from the cloud to enhance existing on-premises applications with innovative cloud services, like cognitive computing capabilities from IBM Watson and operational services providing performance insights.

Now developers can leverage their existing skills to expose, create and connect applications leveraging IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform.  Ultimately, these capabilities help businesses optimize costs, reduce time to market and extend the value of critical enterprise data and services eliminating costly “rip and replace” strategies that are always a losing bet.

The API economy

Tied to any conversation about applications at InterConnect are APIs (“Application Programming Interfaces”).  APIs are a hot topic that has been discussed in detail throughout the conference and their influence on the emerging API economy. Businesses of all sizes are seeing the benefits of monetizing APIs to capitalize on this economy by offering them as services through mobile, web and cloud channels creating new revenue sources and broadening their reach to new markets.

APIs make it quick and cost-effective for businesses to create interfaces between back-end systems and front-end applications so new digital services can get to market faster. A part of the new Connect Offerings for IBM Cloud is API Connect, an end to end API lifecycle offering which allows any client to create, test, publish and manage APIs — making it easy to find, call, connect and consume APIs through cloud.  API Connect also enables automated creation of APIs, simplified discovery of systems of records, self-service access for internal and third party developers and built-in security and governance.  A first of its kind offering with powerful capabilities for both Developers and IT Operation management teams.

Application delivery

 Finally, making sure you can move your applications where they provide the most value for your business gives you the ultimate winning hand.  Delivering applications fast while maintaining a secure, scalable, high performance environment is the trick.  Hybrid cloud means that you need seamless portability across any environment and new capabilities from PureApplication make this even easier.  New Open Patterns beta, and Bluemix Local make automating workload portability easier by defining repeatable, dependable and secure patterns to achieve the flexibility to deploy where and when it works best for your business.

As hybrid cloud adoption (another winning bet placed for the mention of “hybrid cloud”) continues to grow, organizations have a wealth of capabilities to unlock the value of their existing application investments while innovating on the cloud.  To learn more, read IBM’s recent press announcement.

If you’re in attendance this week, be sure to network and share your experience at the conference using hashtags #IBMInterConnect, #WebSphere, #PureApp, or #IBMDevOps.



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