Top 3 ways to accelerate innovation using hybrid cloud

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Innovation word concept.

In a rapidly changing market where one third of the top 20 companies face disruption from digital competitors, businesses must constantly speed up innovation, deliver exceptional customer experience, and transform their business models. Eighty percent of businesses are leveraging cloud as a key ingredient to do just that.

While some say businesses must start from scratch or move everything to the cloud, we believe there is a better choice. Hybrid cloud is key to digital innovation. IBM offers clients choice with consistency to seamlessly integrate both traditional IT and cloud services that will deliver benefits their businesses’ needs.  This is why IBM is #1 in hybrid cloud.(1)

On Monday, IBM made this even easier with a range of new announcements that accelerate hybrid cloud adoption.  Based on engagement with over 500 clients leveraging hybrid cloud, we have discovered the three most common on ramps to hybrid cloud and have enhanced our products and our services partnerships to speed these journeys. As organizations leverage hybrid cloud to deliver digital business models, they most often cite these business goals.  They want to:

  1. Create new compelling solutions at speed
  2. Connect their existing capabilities to the cloud for the broadest reach
  3. Optimize their operations and service delivery to scale to meet demand

Let’s dive into each of these a bit more on how we can help reach those goals.

Creating new compelling solutions at speed

To foster innovation and optimize the customer experience, it is critical that new cloud apps can be rapidly built, deployed, improved and connected to existing servers with agile DevOps.  Developers need the choice of runtimes supporting the broadest range of languages to maximize their productivity with access to the most innovative services. IT managers need a platform to deploy these at scale with the instrumentation to monitor adoption. IBM Bluemix is that platform for hybrid innovation, and we just added a host of new Bluemix services, like new Watson services with cognitive APIs, OpenWhisk, and Blockchain DevOps services.

With tools and runtimes support for Node.js, Java, Swift and .NET, IBM Bluemix is a one-stop shop developers want. With a new Github partnership, this got even better. If you need help getting started, our Bluemix garages are the perfect place to go.

Connect the billions of dollars invested in enterprise IT with new cloud services

Creating apps is important but it’s equally important that existing apps and data can be effortlessly published and consumed for innovation and monetization. This is where the new series of Connect offerings for IBM Cloud come into play. IBM has introduced WebSphere Connect to easily cloud-enabled WebSphere apps by accessing cloud services direct from on-premise middleware. With more than 250 million global instances of WebSphere, IBM’s middleware portfolio touches approximately 80 percent of all global transactions.

Now all WebSphere clients will be able to access new feature updates directly from the cloud. This exciting announcement includes other key IBM products: API Connect, App Connect, DataWorks, Websphere Blockchain Connect and zOS Connect.

For hybrid cloud solutions to work, backend data and customer-facing applications need to be connected to each other from anywhere. By delivering these Connect products on the IBM Cloud to link the enterprise to the cloud, developers and business leaders have the best of both worlds opening up limitless possibilities for the broadest ecosystem access.

 Optimize operations to scale

Optimizing workloads across cloud and traditional IT gives disruptors choice with consistency and the freedom to choose which environment is the best fit for their needs. With our hybrid cloud management capabilities and our PureApp Service on SoftLayer, portability and growth of these workloads is available for public, dedicated or local clouds. We just made this even easier with our new partnership with VMware,making IBM the top choice for hybrid cloud.

Regardless of which on-ramp you take to hybrid cloud, it is increasingly evident that businesses want the flexibility and choice that only IBM Cloud can offer.  With our new suite of Connect offerings, integrating on premise systems to cloud solutions has never been simpler. Businesses can unleash their existing investments and tap into a new cloud solutions with speed and confidence.

Start your own hybrid cloud journey.


(1)     Synergy Research Group, Jan2016; Technology Business Review, Jan 2016

General Manager, IBM Middleware

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