How to create, deploy and scale your hybrid cloud

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Consider the following: Much of enterprise IT budgets are devoted to maintenance and operations, and many customers still experience production delays. Often, it’s taking the line of business too long to introduce or make changes to mobile applications and services. Even minor application changes are taking four to six weeks to deliver to customers. This lack of deployment combines with the need to obtain critical customer feedback to remain agile and meet project objectives, affecting the entire business.

Now, imagine a powerful combination of technologies providing your organization with the ability to accelerate application deployment from days or weeks to just minutes, along with a mix of cloud management software that lets your team keep up with competitors and take advantage of valuable market opportunities.

The solution:

With IBM’s UrbanCode Deploy, PureApplication and Cloud Orchestrator, you can create, deploy and scale your hybrid cloud environments, and use a powerful combination of technologies at your organization to simplify your enterprise IT services.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy can manage and audit automation, version and application changes across the development pipeline. With the inherit principles of DevOps, UrbanCode can reduce error rates, ensuring application deployment is executed.

IBM PureApplication can provide an enterprise-grade quality, all-in-one hybrid-cloud platform for applications running on both on and off-premises cloud environments. Through pattern-based automation and simplification, applications can be delivered quickly and easily with enterprise security and resiliency through the PureApplication solution.

To round this winning combination out, IBM Cloud Orchestrator can provide self-service access to environment provisioning. You can orchestrate configuration changes across all data center or cloud components and control changes with custom approval workflows. Cloud Orchestrator can keep everything running in harmony.

As the demand for deployment and management of hybrid cloud is on the rise, it’s important your team keeps up with the competition and continues to enhance performance, providing business agility across application scaling and lifecycle management. Current software delivery methods need to change to satisfy the stakeholder and business needs. Together, UrbanCode Deploy, PureApplication and Cloud Orchestrator offer faster application and system time-to-value all the way from initial deployment to ongoing maintenance of the environment.

Learn more on how each of these products can help to create, deploy and scale your hybrid cloud environments:

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