Real-time, cloud-based video on rise

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Each day we each experience the power of real-time video – to inform us, to educate us, to entertain us and to connect us to each other. This new ‘high-fidelity’ world of video communications spans our personal and professional lives. So, as businesses consider how to communicate effectively with their employees, partners, vendors and customers – they are embracing video as a way to provide better value and support.

With a constantly changing marketplace, businesses must now address the rising expectations of their customers, by personalizing their products and services. It is becoming clear that video can help businesses meet these needs. Video overcomes the physical inhibitors present in the real world while leveraging the benefits of the digital world. It shortens the time to insights while eliminating the challenge of distance.

As we enter the cognitive era, speed matters. Business systems are challenged by the requirement to rapidly gain insight about all their users, both internal and external. These systems must adapt in real time, to immediately learn from those insights, and to swiftly respond. By leveraging global Cloud architectures, businesses can provide agile and scalable platforms that connect immediately with people all over the world. And, increasingly that connection will be ‘video’.

With video emerging as the world’s dominant data type, live video provides an immediacy and impact that can transform the way we entertain, learn, communicate and relate. In a recent survey of millennials, ages 18-29, over 70% use a streaming service.* So it is no surprise that services that offer real-time, live video are transforming the way that value is created. Today, IBM announced the acquisition of Ustream, yet again expanding the IBM Cloud platform to enable solutions and services that can deliver streaming video on a global scale.

Ustream provides a cloud-based service that combines live video encoding and streaming, multi-device support, and the performance and scalability to serve millions of viewers. Ustream’s video service APIs will allow IBM to provide distinct, composable, video services through IBM Bluemix, enabling cloud developers to build new video applications or utilize video within their existing applications.

Ustream services can help businesses in all industries capture opportunities in a rapidly changing marketplace – using real-time, live video to:

  • Align employees with the business with effective tools for education, training, and internal communications
  • Expand reach by generating demand for new offerings, products and services.
  • Offer professional quality broadcasts for events to a global audience of employees, customers and/or partners.

With Ustream, businesses can rapidly exploit the power of video in traditional applications, such as news, education, live streaming of events – product launches and signature events – and deliver  new value in emerging and innovative applications, like telemedicine, public safety and  surveillance.  With Ustream and IBM Cloud, business can make video available globally, on a reliable, and scalable platform.

Learn more about Ustream.

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