Video, media, and their rapid evolution in the cloud

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wpid-thumbnail-1c5653058fb3fce3d0e78f531b5e74a6.jpegEnterprise Cloud Platforms are fundamentally changing how the world’s data is processed, stored and delivered. And, as we have seen, that data is no longer just structured data, but increasingly unstructured.

Importantly, no data type is growing faster than video. Video is how we are entertained, how we are informed, how we learn and how we communicate. It comes to us on a plethora of devices connected over various data networks. In fact, researchers estimate that video traffic will soon exceed 80% of all Internet traffic.

For the Media and Entertainment Industry, video has long been the currency that fuels the business.  It is the product and service by which value is created. Since the advent of the web, we have seen tremendous advancements in the standards-based technologies used by media companies to create, manage and distribute video in various resolutions and in numerous use-cases (Video on Demand, Subscription Video Services, Over-the-top Video services, etc.).

Not surprisingly, the Media and Entertainment industry is at the forefront of the integration of digital video and cloud platforms. Media firms are now focused on providing compelling and tailored video experiences to their audiences and customers. And, as IBM has demonstrated with its Wimbledon, Masters and other video solutions, the ‘Connected Consumer Era’ requires that media firms continually innovate.

The IBM approach to Cloud solutions provides the scalability, performance and flexibility that Media and Entertainment companies are seeking from their IT assets. Now, these real-time video solutions are helping to transform the application architectures of all industries, including education, retail, medical and public service.

This brings us to IBM’s acquisition of Clearleap last week. The video workloads that Clearleap already enables in the Cloud, for some of the world’s most important brands, are among the most demanding use-cases to perform: delivering high quality, high value content to hundreds of thousands of consumers on multiple devices and platforms.

The comprehensive, yet modular, Clearleap platform abstracts video processes to enable integration with existing, and future, specialist media vendors and aligns perfectly with the IBM Media and Entertainment Framework and our pioneering solutions for digital media production and distribution workflows.

IBM has assembled an unparalleled portfolio of Cloud Video capabilities: object storage (Cleversafe), high speed data transfer (Aspera), easy, web and mobile development platforms (Bluemix and MobileFirst) and open architectures (OpenStack), that help enable the migration of video workloads to the Cloud. IBM’s ability to extend the benefits of Cloud with on-premise solutions, hybrid deployments and public cloud IaaS and PaaS offerings provides companies the requisite agility for a rapidly changing marketplace.

Importantly, this video cloud platform allows for the rapid integration of IBM’s analytics capabilities that can help optimize video delivery in real time, deliver personalization and provide predictive insights about video consumption. The exciting new cognitive capabilities of Watson can bring new levels of video performance and establish new innovative products and services. Cloud and Video: made for each other and changing the world…today.

Steven Canepa is the General Manager of Global Media & Entertainment Industry, IBM.

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