Top of the cloud: Where clear software solutions to daily issues exist

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After years of working with many customers, it’s clear that the need for efficient, affordable business solutions remains a common requirement for small, medium and large companies.

Medium and large businesses can’t always rely on their IT departments to deliver solutions they need in a timely manner. And smaller businesses that don’t have IT have difficulty finding solutions that are robust, yet affordable.   It doesn’t matter whether you’re a large or small company, the need for solutions are similar – you need affordable solutions, now.  

That’s what the cloud is all about.

There are many definitions of what the cloud is.  Some view the cloud as another hosting environment; others view it as a complex set of virtual servers automatically provisioned and scaled to meet increasing computing demands.  While both are true depending on your perspective, I have found that the cloud is best used to solve business problems quickly and affordably – solutions that require an application to improve a business process or address a new opportunity.

I help customers focus on the ’top of the cloud.’ This is where clear software solutions to daily issues exist, solutions that are ready to go in minutes, not days or weeks. When a custom solution is required it can be created and used in a time that maximizes return on investment as well.

At the “top of the cloud” software solutions are:

Ready to Use — Within minutes your application can be available to use.  No contracts or commitments required, meaning you pay only for what you use.

Ready to Modify — Some solutions will not only provide you with the application, but will also make the source code available which allows application modification and integration within existing business practices.

Ready to Customize – When a custom solution is need, development in the cloud is quicker and more cost effective because it does not require acquisition of onsite physical resources and set up of unique physical development and testing environments. By simply provisioning cloud resources, within minutes developers are ready to work on your solution.

I’ve been very fortunate during 30+ years in information technology to work in several different areas of this ever-changing industry. Through all the change, one thing has remained constant: computer systems exist to provide businesses with the tools they need to run productively and efficiently.  Today customers and I complete these tasks at the ‘top of the cloud.’

Read about our solution with IBM.

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