Emotion analytics solution delivered on IBM Cloud delivers long-term competitive edge

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In Manhattan’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, Fabler Studio provides video postproduction services to leading agencies and brands who strive to differentiate themselves with award-winning commercial content. When Fabler Studio managing director Nathan Byrne heard about facial imaging technology for capturing emotional responses to video content, he immediately considered its applications for his clients.

“We’re a new company in a very competitive environment in New York City,” said Byrne. “It’s difficult for postproduction companies to set themselves apart, and this technology was an obvious point of differentiation for us, if we could offer it.”

Fabler Studios signed on for an emotional analytics offering from IBM Business Partner nViso SA, hosted in a flexible SoftLayer cloud environment. “I did my research and looked at the companies offering this type of technology,” Byrne stated. “nViso was definitely the strongest of those competitors and once we agreed to sign up for it, we were up and running in a few minutes.”

Using the high performance cloud-based platform, the studio receives moment-by-moment analyses of emotional responses to video content, captured by nViso’s industry-leading facial imaging technology. “The insights are very actionable,” Byrne said. “We send out tests at each of the three stages in the rough-cut phase, and we get immediate results to integrate into our creative process.” The SoftLayer-enabled solution puts control back in the hands of the creatives.

He continued, “Most people hate advertising, so we want to make it as interesting and compelling as possible, so that they don’t click off it within the first five seconds.”

By delivering immediate, highly accurate consumer feedback, the SoftLayer-hosted analytics solution helps Fabler Studios create more effective video content. nViso’s artificial intelligence provides the foundation towards smarter cognitive systems. Emotional responses captured in real-time enables self-learning systems to leverage individual emotion feedback and relate such patterns to contextual information.

“What was really fascinating is that there’s such a stark difference between the way that males and females react to videos,” Byrne elaborated. “This approach puts everyone on the same team, because there are analytics to back it up. It gives us something to show the client to prove what’s working and what’s not.

“The longer we use this platform, the greater our competitive advantage,” Byrne added. “We’re creating a brain trust of lessons learned, and when the rest of the industry starts to use this technology, we’ll still be two or three years ahead.”

The nViso solution provides believable measures of effectiveness based on the direct feedback from the hearts of consumers. This supports a more creative response to client demands for ROI and helps clients understand what kinds of concepts, messages, and imagery will create the most effective communications earlier in the creative process.

“Traditional testing is very expensive, and this solution is cost-efficient out of the gate,” concluded Byrne. “Being able to do something new and innovative so cost-effectively is a great thing for us.”

For more information about this story, read the SoftLayer case study here and the nViso-Fabler Studios success story here.

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