A billion reasons you want to encrypt your data

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One billion–that’s how many records were breached in 2014 alone. Media headlines demonstrate every week that large Fortune 500 companies with very well-funded cyber security operations are now regularly losing valuable sensitive information. “Encrypting” data has been heralded as the panacea for protecting against these data loss scenarios. But is this really your greatest asset in the war against cyber crime?


When you lose something in the physical world, like your smartphone, you incur the cost and inconvenience of replacing it. However, if an attacker takes your data, nothing goes physically missing. Somehow, if you could only render that stolen data useless.

For hundreds of years, mankind has been able to make data secure by applying cryptographic codes only known to those with the “key” to read the contents. In the computer age, this has been the territory of geeks–doing work that is technically challenging, expensive, and requires special know-how. Few companies have found an affordable and easy-to-use way of encrypting data end-to-end.

IBM is a leader in cloud security. And in this blog, I want to introduce you to a revolutionary technology which has paved the way to a ‘Provable Secure’ encryption. Encryption should be a best practice for any security-conscious organization. While encryption does not stop access the information, it does make any stolen data unusable.

First, hear former Apple CEO John Sculley talk about cryptographic bit-splitting, the new ground breaking technology at the core of IBM Cloud Data Encryption Service, on Fox News.


IBM Cloud Data Encryption Services (ICDES) opens a new page in cloud security by providing an advanced data-centric protection for your information by leveraging a cryptographic bit-splitting technology. This highly efficient, kernel-level software combines data protection, data fault tolerance and simplified key management. ICDES goes beyond encryption with its unbreakable data protection and data resiliency capabilities and is not reliant on an administrative-heavy key management system.


ICDES is a powerful, easy to deploy and administer, and a low cost solution available from the IBM marketplace. You can learn about the solution there, watch demos and even take a free 30-day trial.

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