For WorldTicket, a SoftLayer cloud migration reduces costs by 60 percent

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After a decade of relying on a traditional IT hosting environment, WorldTicket sought a more flexible infrastructure for its cornerstone airline ticketing application.

The company wanted to provide IT capacity to customers on an on-demand basis and also required greater scalability to accommodate its own continuing business growth. Plus, WorldTicket hoped to update its infrastructure without making capital investments in technology that would quickly become obsolete.

WorldTicket evaluated cloud infrastructure providers, narrowing its search to two vendors offering the international data center presence needed to support the company’s global expansion.

Basing its decision on ease of management and rapid provisioning capabilities, WorldTicket signed on for a SoftLayer cloud solution, quickly and easily deploying virtual server infrastructure for testing purposes. . SoftLayer makes it easy and cost-effective to meet immediate demands for capacity, both for our customers and for our internal needs, said Per Tversted, chief operating officer.

WorldTicket_logo_big.jpgThe business will migrate its entire customer base to the SoftLayer platform, provisioning bare metal servers and additional virtual instances to support production workloads.

WorldTicket was able to reduce costs by 60 percent and speeds provisioning by 97 percent- very exciting for its first foray into cloud!

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