DIABETIZER takes diabetic monitoring and tracking to the cloud

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DIABETIZER founder and chief executive officer Robin Hrassnigg understands the challenges of managing diabetes on a personal level.

“I’m a Type 1 diabetic,” he says, “and it’s not easy to handle in daily life.”

Hrassnigg is one of an estimated 387 million people worldwide suffering from diabetes mellitus, a group of chronic diseases affecting the body’s ability to properly use insulin. Day-to-day management of the illness requires diligent monitoring and logging of blood sugar levels, food intake, medication dosages, exercise and other critical variables.

Diabetic patients who rely on handwritten records or a series of disconnected applications for tracking purposes run a high risk of error. And when doctors don’t have accurate insight into the factors contributing to a diabetic’s overall health, they can’t provide optimal treatment.

“For diabetics, the wrong treatment can lead to additional health complications like vision problems, heart disease and nerve damage,” Hrassnigg says.

The solution was clear to Hrassnigg: a cloud-driven platform designed to automatically gather and analyze data from devices and wearable technology. “With cloud, we knew we could be very fast and flexible in building and deploying our solution,” Hrassnigg says. “And we wouldn’t have to worry about buying hardware—as a start-up venture, it was helpful that we could avoid the investment in infrastructure.”

DIABETIZER joined the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups, an initiative providing cloud credits and access to the complete IBM Cloud portfolio. With the IBM Bluemix development platform and SoftLayer hosting infrastructure, the business launched myDIABETIZER, an application that amasses and synchronizes patient data in a single centralized portal accessible from virtually anywhere in the world.

“We designed the myDIABETIZER app to collect and combine blood sugar and nutritional data from glucose meters with activity data from wearable fitness services like RunKeeper, Fitbit, MapMy Fitness and Nutritionix,” Hrassnigg says. “The platform creates a centralized personal risk index so that a user can check his or her health status at any given moment.”
The platform has tremendous quality-of-life benefits for diabetics struggling with the daily burdens of managing the illness.

“We’re thrilled to give diabetics around the world greater mobility and freedom to travel,” Hrassnigg says. “And on a daily basis, no matter where they are, patients are relieved of the need to constantly log their vital data.”

The myDIABETIZER app supports on-the-fly monitoring and decision-making that are also invaluable to a patient’s standard of living.

“If one of our users is at a restaurant and wants to order dessert after dinner, he or she can check blood sugar levels and the impact of the food already consumed during the meal via mobile device to make sure that it’s a safe choice,” Hrassnigg says.

For caregivers, the myDIABETIZER platform delivers detailed, accurate patient data to uncover patterns and reveal the correlation between specific activities and blood sugar levels.

“The importance of accuracy cannot be overstated,” Hrassnigg says. “By capturing and delivering accurate data, our platform drives better clinical decisions and more effective treatment for diabetic patients.”

Check out this case study to learn more about how DIABETIZER is using the cloud to help monitor and track diabetes.

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