IBM’s OpenStack-powered Blue Box Cloud Dedicated now available on SoftLayer

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wpid-thumbnail-c0c1e0de7017ca2bf3138d2601462b45-500x250There are two certainties that IBM Cloud leaders hold:

1. Clients want a hybrid cloud strategy where they can control what happens and where. This allows clients to do things faster at scale.

2. Open source is the foundation of innovative application development in the cloud.

If you’ve been following its evolution, you know IBM Cloud has made several moves to deliver hybrid cloud capabilities to our clients, both on premises in their own data centers and off premises throughout the world. Whenever possible, open source technologies power all of this.

Today, IBM Cloud is pleased to announce another such move. Since Blue Box joined IBM in June, it has been working hard with our SoftLayer team to make IBM Blue Box Cloud Dedicated, powered by OpenStack, available on SoftLayer infrastructure.

A winning combination

The Blue Box, OpenStack, and SoftLayer combination gives IBM Cloud clients global access to an open, hybrid cloud framework, from the metal up to the platform, that is quickly deployable.

Blue Box Cloud provides private cloud infrastructure resources (sometimes called private cloud as a service) in a managed environment, on hardware dedicated to individual clients. It provides the security, performance and cost stability of private cloud, coupled with the agility, scalability and hands-free management common to public clouds.

Blue Box Cloud is powered by OpenStack, an open source cloud project that IBM has been a key participant in and contributor to since the OpenStack Foundation’s formation nearly three years ago. OpenStack enables clients to design, build, test, and deploy applications with flexibility and interoperability across cloud models—all while avoiding vendor lock-in.

SoftLayer’s global footprint minimizes network latency, as it provides the ability to control network paths and data handoffs much more granularly than if we relied on other providers to move data between geographies. 

Client point of view

Cloudsoft CEO Duncan Johnston-Watt says his company sees increased demand from customers for hybrid cloud solutions built on OpenStack. “The combination of Blue Box’s best-in-class OpenStack service and IBM SoftLayer’s global footprint and legendary private network will enable us to model, deploy and manage our customers’ business critical applications and services worldwide,” he says.

With today’s news, clients like Cloudsoft, can now consume OpenStack-powered infrastructure from a data center in their preferred location, keeping their data where they need it, driving down latency, improving application performance for their end users and offering an entry to hybrid cloud.

Jim Comfort is General Manager, GTS Cloud Development & Delivery at IBM

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