IBM Bluemix Dedicated to your data privacy

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As cloud continues to evolve, not a day passes that we fail to hear about advancements in this technology. It’s overwhelming to grasp just how many things are happening in cloud in such a short time. As a cloud evangelist, even I sometimes lose track of what is new and what is changing.

Let’s do a little flashback first. IBM acquired SoftLayer in July 2013, and then announced IBM Bluemix in early 2014. This was an obvious sign that IBM was investing in changing technology. The entire IT industry was altering ways of working in order to increase dynamism and flexibility while decreasing costs and resource usage. There was an obvious need to change, and in order to fulfill this need, solutions were being produced and shaped to fit into it perfectly.

In the scope of this change, IBM has recently announced IBM Bluemix Dedicated. This offering allows you to run your own Bluemix platform as a service in a private environment hosted on SoftLayer. This is good news, especially for those who like or need to keep things private.

Let’s take a dive into the features of Bluemix Dedicated and highlight a few of the features:

• Privacy. Since you can choose a dedicated cloud environment, the whole of Bluemix is serving you, and you alone. All services and applications in Bluemix are visible and usable by you and the users in your private network. This resolves a couple of problems that linger with cloud environments. One of them is the presence of data privacy restrictions. Since your data is isolated, you are able to put more of your applications into cloud. The second problem is the noisy neighbors. In public clouds, there are most probably some applications that use the same physical resources as you, and if they become CPU intensive, it is possible that you might be affected in terms of performance. With Bluemix Dedicated, this concern is out of the picture.

• Integration with public cloud. In addition to using the services provided to your environment, you are able to connect your applications and services to the ones in the public Bluemix. You can pull in application programming interfaces (APIs) and services, and use them based on your needs. This feature brings more elasticity to your applications.

• SoftLayer infrastructure. Bluemix Dedicated runs on a dedicated environment that is allocated from SoftLayer. SoftLayer has some incredible features, such as high-speed networking and isolation capabilities.

• Dedicated services. A number of data-driven services are also offered, dedicated to you. Cloudant, NoSQL, MQLight and SQLDB are some examples. In addition to the publicly available services on Bluemix, these services will be available for your dedicated use.

Apart from the features specified above, one of the best advantages is that you can expose your own services to other users. This way, you can create your own app marketplace and sell your applications and services in order to monetize your efforts.

In summary, Bluemix Dedicated brings many additions to the advantages of cloud offerings, helping you use your solutions faster and with more confidence.

If you have questions to ask, or something to add, please leave a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter @cakilburak, and I’ll be more than happy to respond.

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