How can I disrupt markets? Digital.

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We’re hearing a lot about disrupting markets through quick innovation here at IBM InterConnect. How can we do this? In their keynote, IBM Cloud CMO Nancy Pearson and Doug Cox, GM IBM SaaS, showed how services in the IBM Cloud marketplace give you access to expertise to disrupt markets in your industry.

Nancy Pearson delivers a keynote address at IBM InterConnect 2015

Think digital

Pearson shared the insight that IBM customers (and your customers) are now spending upwards of 70 percent of their time on independent research before they want to connect. We need to understand that our clients are in the driver’s seat, and they’re driving change. We have to deliver a rich digital experience to demonstrate that we understand our clients’ needs.

In a recent conversation with business leaders in the aerospace industry, Nancy shared how cloud is really all about disruption and innovation. In thinking about cloud, the leadership team asked her questions about what workloads to move to the cloud, or if cost should be considered. She challenged them to go beyond this thinking, beyond their typical industry focus.

Consider what adjacent services you could add that engage your clients around things that clients want to do. Companies are disrupting markets by not getting stuck in an industry lens. Try new ways to engage and service client needs using digital experiences and analytics.

Transform digitally

IBMNR_Cloud_Inter_Templates_13How are you creating new revenue streams? It helps to think about how data can move to the application and how applications can move to the data.

The IBM Cloud marketplace is the digital experience we’ve created to help our clients understand how to get started, what cloud means for your business and where you can find value.

We know through analytics and usability studies that our clients want to explore on their own, and that’s why we’re focused on self service. With more than 500 services, we’ve created an experience like a library or laboratory that enables independent research. Our full range of solutions includes interactive demonstrations and trials.

To learn more about the IBM Cloud marketplace, read Nancy’s recent comments in Insights Magazine.

Making it real

To demonstrate how the services in the marketplace can spur successful innovation, we joined Jay Baer on his journey as “Chef Jay” in creating a fictitious pop-up restaurant, the Stratus Café.

Analytics helped Chef Jay make decisions about the restaurant’s theme, location and price based on data and social insights about targeted potential buyers. Commerce capabilities helped plan for, test, and refine the menu options. Talent insights identified optimal staffing and marketing solutions helped promote offers to drive traffic.


Get ready to launch

IBM SaaS general manager Doug Cox shared that IBM is ready to help you launch your business initiatives—using analytics to get the right insights—with hundreds of services on the IBM Cloud marketplace. Analytics allow you to develop rich customer profiles to deliver optimal customer digital experiences. We are making our applications more portable and are creating APIs connecting to IBM Bluemix to help you link into your commerce systems. We have sharpened our focus on integration while maintaining our commitment to enterprise grade, scalable applications.

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