Open Tech Summit coming to IBM InterConnect

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For the past two years, IBM has hosted the popular Open Tech summits to kickoff major events such as Pulse, Impact and Innovate. We’re pleased to announce that we will continue that tradition at InterConnect, IBM’s new cloud, mobile and big data conference, Sunday, Feb. 22 from 4-6 p.m.

We will feature IBM and guest speakers who are industry experts to discuss cloud, mobile, devOps, big data and analytics in brief lightning talks. Join us in this relaxed but informative event where we will open the bar early so you can enjoy an adult beverage while learning about how open technologies can help your organization accelerate the speed of innovation. Following the lightning talks we will allow time for networking before you head out to visit the Solution Center opens.

(Click here to register for IBM Interconnect 2015)

Cloud and mobile and big data, oh my!

Mobile, social and big data/analytics are three trends that are changing the way that we interact with each other and with businesses. Capturing the value from these interactions requires rapid innovation, interoperability and scalability enabled by the cloud. While cloud facilitates these attributes, to truly gain efficiencies in development and operations, you need open technologies. Open technologies enable faster development and interoperability with a vast ecosystem of compatible services which fuels innovation. It is now significantly easier to experiment, gain feedback, tweak designs, develop new code and deliver better, more innovative services.

At this year’s Open Tech Summit, we will be joined by leaders of the most innovative, game changing open technology communities, including OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Docker, jQuery and more. IBM is helping these open projects evolve into vibrant ecosystems by introducing open governance practices. Several IBM CTOs, Fellows and open technology leaders will join the speakers to provide IBM’s point of view on these technologies and to explain how IBM is not only contributing to but also leveraging these technologies in products and services.

Why you should attend:

We realize your time is valuable, so we have built an agenda that will provide informative content presented in an efficient manner. Following a brief introduction on the business value of open technologies, we will feature lightning talks covering multiple topics including OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Docker, and other cutting edge open tech. Leaders from these organizations will explain the technology, provide user stories and directly answer your questions. To further facilitate an ongoing dialogue, we invite you to grab a beverage of your choice and engage with the experts directly following the two-hour summit in our networking session.

Who is this for?

This summit is appropriate for IT architects, IT management and business users interested in cloud interoperability.

Where and when is it?

The Summit will run from 4-6 p.m., with networking until 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 22, in the Mandalay Bay conference center, Island AB/FG.

No charge for people attending InterConnect!

What do you need to do?

Register for the event (please). If you are already registered for InterConnect, simply go into the agenda builder tool and add the Open Technology Summit (CSE-6643) to your agenda.

Book your travel to show up in time to attend the event on Sunday.

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