IBM Research talks cloud innovation at OpenStack Meetups

This autumn, several developers from IBM Research unveiled their latest cloud innovation to the OpenStack Meetup groups in New York City and Philadelphia. The researchers, all OpenStack committers, presented their work on several subprojects (including Nova, Heat, Swift, and Neutron) and received community feedback in both cities to drive further improvement.

introCommunity members from dozens of local companies (from small startups to large enterprises) were in attendance and provided valuable customer insight into the IBM initiatives. Members of nearby higher education institutions were present, showing vibrant student and academic interest in OpenStack. Colleagues from OpenStack Foundation organizations also attended, providing their thoughts on integration with other open source projects such as Docker and Apache Spark.


The overall theme for the Meetups focused on software-defined environments (SDEs). OpenStack is a foundational component of the IBM open cloud architecture and implements the Software Defined Data Center, the infrastructure as a service layer (IaaS) that provides virtualized compute, storage and network capabilities.

The researchers presented their work in five 20-minute lightning talks that laid out the business challenges behind the IBM solutions and then engaged the audience for immediate feedback that led to deeper conversations during the networking session following the talks.

After describing their contributions to the core projects, the team provided details on how IBM is supporting OpenStack in its products and services. The team explained why it’s so compelling to use systems to scale up highly-intensive compute workloads and how to create private, hosted OpenStack clusters on IBM SoftLayer.


For those who missed it, a streaming audio/video recording of the complete event that covers all five talks below is available online.


Several members of IBM Research also attended the OpenStack Summit in Paris in November. One of the lightning talks was expanded into a full session there titled “The Perfect Match: Apache Spark Meets Swift.”

Beyond these recent events, IBMers are active in several other OpenStack Meetup communities. We also spoke about the collaboration between IBM and the OpenStack community that goes beyond the code at the Paris Summit.

I’d love to see you at an upcoming event in New York City, Philadelphia, or elsewhere in the world. Better yet, propose a topic and bring your own cloud innovation to a meeting. Let’s make OpenStack an even stronger open source project and community!

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