3 cloud computing predictions for 2015

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As 2014 comes to a close, we look ahead to what promises to be a very fruitful cloud computing landscape.

Cloud adoption is, without a doubt, on the rise. A recent IDC report predicts the global cloud market will top $118 billion in 2015, which translates to a 23 percent bump over 2014. We reached out to a few of our top contributors and IBM Cloud experts to see what they see for the cloud landscape in 2015.

We’ll share what they have to say, but we also want to hear from you! What are your predictions for cloud computing in 2015? Increased hybrid adoption? More focus on open technology? Security innovations leading to even higher cloud adoption rates? Let us know in the comments.

Doug Clark, IBM UKI Cloud Leader

Alignment/Convergence:  We will continue to see a frenzy of activity aimed to assist interoperability and integration (commercial and technical), such as the exhibits/announcements made by IBM with SAP and later between IBM and Microsoft for Azure and .net.  This will assist cloud development environments such as Bluemix, boosting agility and speed to market, but also spanning some of the more chunky business critical landscapes seamlessly operated on hybrid cloud formats.  We’ll end up with just a couple of dominant developer environments by the end of 2015, Bluemix being one of them—the rest will be niche.

Enterprise cloud race has started: We’ve seen in prior studies such as Raising the Game and Champions of SaaS that early pacesetters with the right strategy are achieving 2.5 time greater profit growth and 2 times higher revenue growth versus the rest of the pack.  With late 2014 announcements by WPP, Reuters, Lufthansa and ABN AMRO, in 2015 we’ll continue to see BIG names go “all-in” on cloud, and by 2016 we’ll see them achieve “cloudspeed” with significant business transformations (big T) and matching gains in their business results for the brave.  I expect a few spectacular failures, too, who will ultimately have their “Kodak” moment.

Mac Devine, Vice President SDN Cloud Services; CTO of IBM Cloud Services Division

2015 is shaping up to be the year for Internet of Things (IoT). Here are some predictions of some things that I expect to see in the coming year:

– The IoT discussion will transition away from predictions about the number of things and the potential revenue opportunity and toward real IoT use cases with real numbers of things and with actual revenue being generated.

– There will be a shift away from batch oriented BigData and analytics services for IoT and a significant embrace of real-time data and analytics services for IoT.

– IoT “data stories” will become more common, meaning that it will no longer take a data scientist with multiple PhDs to get value from the data generated by IoT use cases.

– Collaborative and secure commerce will become more commonplace across the IoT ecosystem as technologies like BlockChain and BitCoin continue to mature rapidly and gain greater acceptance by enterprise customers.

Michael J. Fork, Storage Product Manager for SoftLayer, an IBM Company

In 2015, I think the object storage price decline will decelerate. It may still still drop 50 percent instead of dropping by the 60-75 percent that they did in 2014 (to 1.5 – 2 cents/GB). In 2015, I think throughput will more than double—a single volume will approach 1 GB/second.

IBM Cloud

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