Your new favorite local market: IBM, as a service

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I find the experience tantalizing. Vibrant colors and smells with so many delicious options to choose from. Like you, my favorite local market is the place I want to return to week after week. It is familiar and always offers something new and fresh to try, with great service and helpful advice at every corner.

IBM Cloud marketplace 2I’ve recently joined the IBM Cloud marketplace team, and we are working to make this a similar experience for you—a place you will turn to as your trusted source for cloud services, infused with IBM expertise.

Looking for business apps, developer platforms or infrastructure? Whether your business is a forward-thinking enterprise or the next great startup, we plan to help you find the ingredients you are looking for … and maybe some you didn’t realize you needed.

We’re working to define solutions that let you focus your energy and resources on creating and delivering a memorable experience for your customers.

A selection to satisfy your individual taste

Let’s face it, I like my brand of granola and you like yours. On any given day, the “fresh from the farm” option might excite me and not you. My local market offers the balance of variety that satisfies me and my family. I can shop and compare with several options to match our personal preferences.

In our IBM Cloud marketplace, you will find an ever-expanding variety of options for your as-a-service needs. In every category and for every role, we plan to offer a fresh range of IBM and IBM Business Partner offerings for you to research, try and buy. Our selections encompass the spectrum of cloud services from infrastructure (IaaS) to platform (PaaS) and software (SaaS) as-a-service offerings.

Help on every aisle, in every section

Have you ever ventured down the dairy aisle to buy milk only to find that your favorite brand is not on the shelf? At my local market I can always find someone who will check to see if the latest shipment is in the back, with a smile.

If salmon is on sale in the seafood section, but I’m not sure how to cook it, the friendly face behind the counter is more than happy to offer simple steps to follow.  Even if someone isn’t around, information is easy to find to choose a good pairing for my meal on the wine aisle. The helpful and useful experience is definitely a reason I return.

The ability to access IBM and IBM Business Partner expertise makes our IBM Cloud marketplace an invaluable resource for your business. We’ll be there to help you find the right product or solution to match your need. And our goal is to be your source for helpful and useful information from “how to” articles to “how did they do that” stories sharing our experience and guidance.

IBM Cloud marketplace

Pre-packaged just makes life easier

When I have the time, I like to try new recipes. But there are days when I just don’t have the hours to plan and shop, let alone cook a meal. Sometimes it’s just easier to go to the deli section and pick up something that’s already been prepared.

Letting someone else do the cooking is certainly faster and less risky than trying something new, especially if I’m entertaining guests.  Is the seasoning right? Is it overcooked? I just want to enjoy the time with my friends.

Trying something new is the norm in business today, a constant requirement for anyone involved with technology at any level, including your customers.  The lure of connectedness with Internet of Things (IoT) has everyone anticipating the next new something.

Cloud, analytics and systems of engagement are creating opportunities and compressing time-to-market in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. Maybe you are finding that you don’t have the luxury of time to learn and deploy the right mix of infrastructure, platforms and applications like you did in the past.  You need it this week, not next summer.

In the IBM Cloud marketplace, we can help you avoid the time and cost of researching, planning for and deploying integrated cloud services. With so many options, it is helpful to see how a variety of offerings can work together. You can explore our featured solutions, each highlighting a pre-selected set of cloud-ready offerings around key topics and for specific roles.

A market for every need

I hope this tour of my local market has helped you see how the IBM Cloud marketplace can be your trusted source for enterprise-grade cloud business apps, developer platforms and infrastructure.

Whether you want to cook up your own solution or have us do the cooking, we want to help you succeed. And don’t forget your pie on the way to the register.  We always want your visit to end on a sweet note.

What are you looking for in your marketplace experience?  Let us know!

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