HR and the cloud: A powerful combo for the empowered workforce  

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Gartner reports more than 80 percent of all talent management suite deployments are happening in the cloud, while only 15 percent were deployed on-premises.  It’s no surprise that HR is now done in the cloud. Agile and efficient, software-as-a-service solutions speed time to value, provide better economics than on premise solutions, and enable business leaders, such as HR professionals, to innovate more quickly without being constrained by internal IT resources.

IBM Smarter WorkforceThat’s why last week when IBM announced new offerings through its Smarter Workforce initiative, there was a major focus on cloud. IBM’s new Talent and Change consulting practice helps clients prepare for the transformational change required to build a smarter, more connected workforce by giving them access to organizational change management methods, tools and expertise gained from thousands of client engagements and IBM’s own transformation initiatives. One of the key focus areas of this newly announced practice is HR Cloud, which focuses on helping clients use cloud to deploy, manage and access their HR solutions and assets to drive business results.

Backed by the expertise of IBM’s 1,600 change management experts and 100 behavioral scientists and researchers, IBM is providing strategy support, vendor selection, and implementation of HR Cloud systems, plus support for the culture and organizational changes that often come with a move to the cloud.

As part of last week’s announcement, IBM also announced three new cloud-based solutions designed to help companies optimize their employees through more accurate predictive hiring practices, more effective workforce readiness planning and predictive retention. By using these workforce science and consulting solutions, organizations can build a more engaged workforce and deliver better business outcomes.

The way people work is changing. Successful companies are responding by combining the power of cloud, social, big data and behavioral science to attract and retain top talent and enable the workforce to work more efficiently and effectively. Organizations like the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) and Caterpillar are using IBM’s cloud-based workforce engagement solutions to put the right people in the right jobs, get them up to speed fast and inspire them.

For example, MSCCN, is using IBM’s Smarter Workforce solutions to help returning veterans and their spouses find meaningful employment. To date, MSCCN has used the IBM SaaS technology to find employment for more than 20,000 military spouses and 8,000 transitioning active military and veterans.

And Caterpillar, the world’s leading manufacturer of mining and construction equipment, is using IBM’s SmarterWorkforce solutions to explore and understand the relationship between employee engagement and business performance within its global dealer network.  With this IBM SaaS solution, Caterpillar was able to measure employee engagement and compare it to employee performance. Using the insights gained from working with IBM, Caterpillar created focus groups to study their top-performing dealer branches, and shared that knowledge with other dealer networks which will boost employee productivity, increase customer loyalty, and benefit the bottom line.

IBM is the only vendor able to provide software and services that enable organizations to use analytics and behavioral science to predict, attract and retain the right talent to address shifting market demands, deepen workforce engagement and manage change across the organization.  From hiring and onboarding, training, development, compensation, and retention, IBM has a comprehensive suite of SaaS-based offerings for HR professionals.  To learn more about how IBM SaaS can help your organization, visit and filter by the HR role in the IBM cloud marketplace.

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