OpenStack celebrates fourth birthday

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Here at IBM, we’re very excited to celebrate OpenStack’s fourth birthday. This is a great opportunity to reflect on the significant accomplishments to date as well as look forward to exciting technology advancements ahead. And of course it’s not a birthday celebration without a present for OpenStack, so make sure you stay for the end of the party when we open gifts!

Unstoppable growth

OpenStack’s growth since the foundation formation has been unprecedented, exceeding the growth of the Linux Foundation, which is no small feat. I thought it would be fun to look at some of the stats we like to track to show just how dramatic the growth has been in just two years:

OpenStack birthday

Wow, pretty amazing stats for a four year old! And OpenStack is showing no signs of stopping either with almost 130,000 overall commits with 61,000 of those in the last 12 months—not to mention more than 4,000 monthly commits since the beginning of 2014. If your developers are not hanging out with OpenStack in some shape or form, it’s time to get on board because this IaaS train is moving fast.

Notable milestones

So, those are impressive stats, you might say, but what does this mean in terms of OpenStack functionality today? As I outlined in my recent “Guide to Icehouse” blog, OpenStack has a lot to be proud of in this department as well. In this latest release of OpenStack, key areas of concern were addressed, including security, authentication, orchestration and quality assurance. IBM worked collaboratively with our partners to specifically help drive improvements to quality assurance (Tempest), compute (Nova), authentication and security (Keystone), storage (Cinder & Swift) and orchestration (Heat & HOT). Icehouse left no question that this latest release of OpenStack is enterprise ready.

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IBM is proud to partner for success

As a founding member and platinum sponsor, IBM is proud to be a top contributor to the OpenStack Foundation from supporting governance in our role on the board of directors to our team of developers contributing code, reviews and debug skills from across the company. Specifically, we are very proud of our leadership on several development efforts focused on improving OpenStack to ensure it meets the needs of enterprise customers and the greater OpenStack user community. IBM contributors are spearheading efforts in OpenStack’s identity provider (Keystone) to deliver critical enhancements in the areas of federated identity support as well as adding new cross-cloud authentication and authorization mechanisms for enabling hybrid clouds based on OpenStack.

In addition, IBM contributors are driving support for standard based (Distributed Management Task Force’s CADF) auditing support for OpenStack to enable consistent reporting of audit data across cloud providers for the purposes of meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

IBM contributors also continue to drive enhancements into OpenStack’s orchestration layer (Heat) to ensure that it aligns well with popular industry cloud workload orchestration standards such as OASIS TOSCA. Finally, IBMers are also leading the refstack initiative, which is focused on making sure OpenStack distributions are meeting quality assurance requirements necessary to receive official OpenStack branding.

IBM Cloud offerings are built on OpenStack

IBM remains committed to supporting the OpenStack Foundation to provide an open, best-of-breed solution for IaaS as well as to offer our premier line of IBM Cloud offerings based on OpenStack. Please join us at the next OpenStack Summit in Paris where we will showcase our IBM Cloud offerings running on OpenStack, including IBM’s Power8 Server, IBM Bluemix, IBM Cloud Orchestrator, IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack and Power VC.

Did you say something about a birthday present?

Why yes I did! We’re so thrilled to celebrate OpenStack’s fourth birthday that we thought a birthday present was more than appropriate. To further showcase the outstanding contributions made to OpenStack every day, we’re launching a new OpenStack developers corner blog to feature IBM’s best and brightest contributors to OpenStack code. In this blog series, our developers will give you the real scoop and inside details on day-to-day development activities and achievements at OpenStack. Some of the initial blog topics you can look forward to include deep dives on keystone, heat/hot and horizon, all from the developer’s perspective. Stay tuned.

Happy birthday, OpenStack, from the hundreds of OpenStackers at IBM who proudly contribute to your success. Here’s to an absolutely fantastic fifth year!

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