Four benefits of IBM System z mainframes for software as a service

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IBM System z mainframes are a pioneer in innovation technologies used by cloud, such as centralized resource pools, virtualization and the ability to support isolated multitenant environments.

IBM System z SaaSService providers have been adopting the mainframe to deliver cloud infrastructure (infrastructure as a service, or IaaS) for their customers and to support software as a service (SaaS) offerings.

Here are four benefits of using a mainframe as the infrastructure for a SaaS environment:

1. Hardware cost reduction
Mainframes inside the IBM Enterprise Cloud System cloud offering using the scalable OpenStack-based Linux cloud environment can start small and scale up to 6,000 virtual machines. It can reduce nearly half of the cost of x86 cloud alternatives.

2. Software license cost reduction
Reducing the total number of processor cores by consolidating several systems in a mainframe can significantly reduce software costs. Also, when systems are consolidated to a centralized place, IT management is simplified.

3. Ready for big data and analytics
Mainframe data processing speed is very fast compared to other systems, which makes the mainframe an excellent option for big data and analytics. Since the amount of data being captured will increase over time, the mainframe’s ability to process it quickly can handle new areas of big data and analytics, especially if those environments can be provided as SaaS.

4. Security is native
Mainframes are famous for security and that comes from 50 years of existence, since they were built to support isolated multitenant environments. Security is vital for mainframe systems and it is tied in with the system itself, not enabled like in other systems.

The mainframe is a key component of cloud and it leverages the advantages of SaaS. Check the IBM portfolio listed on It can improve your business! Comment below or connect with me on Twitter @MarcosSylos to continue this discussion.

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