Benefits and features of IBM SmartCloud Notes

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The general availability of IBM SmartCloud Notes, based on the software as a service (SaaS), has been announced and is ready to use. IBM SmartCloud Notes provides a lot of services to help you work.

IBM has integrated the essential tools for social business in the cloud: enterprise-grade file sharing, communities, instant messaging, web meetings, user profiles, mail and calendar.

The SmartCloud Notes solution was designed to let you work seamlessly with people inside and outside of your organization. You can meet online, share files, chat, manage projects, network with potential clients, schedule meetings and send and receive mail anywhere, anytime. Whether you work remotely, manage remote teams or need one place to bring colleagues, partners and vendors together, our offerings help you transform your business into a social business. 

What are the benefits?

IBM SmartCloud Notes provides a competitively priced solution that is priced per user and per month, with options to pay monthly, quarterly or annually. It is reliable, because planned maintenance is kept to a minimum and services are backed with a 99.9 percent availability service level objective. You can also use it on most browsers. For information on the minimum requirements for all supported clients, see the IBM SmartCloud Notes client requirements.

Features of the IBM SmartCloud Notes solution

The following features make SmartCloud Notes a solution that can transform your business:

• Mail: You have access to business class, enterprise grade email that allows you to efficiently manage and send email with all the features you expect, including type-ahead, spell-check and conversation threads.

IBM Notes 1

IBM Notes 2

• Calendar: You can use a robust calendaring and time management system to easily schedule meetings, appointments and reminders across time-zones, using features such as free-time search and calendar delegation.

IBM Notes 3

IBM Notes 4

• Mobile: Mobile access exists for Android, BlackBerry, Apple, Nokia and Windows Mobile, granting the ability to send and receive mail and calendar invitations from anywhere with your mobile device. IBM Notes Traveler is included in IBM SmartCloud Engage Advanced. Otherwise, IBM Notes Traveler and hosted BlackBerry service are an additional charge.

IBM Notes 5

• Archive: SmartCloud notes has a cost-effective email archiving solution that provides customers with the confidence of knowing email is archived while making data accessible for compliance and e-discovery. IBM SmartCloud Archive Essentials is an additional charge and a differential to other providers.

IBM Notes 6

• Collaboration and instant messaging (IM): Your social business dashboard is here, and you can stay up-to-date with a consolidated view of your social business network. With real-time communication, you can see who is online and instantly start text-based, encrypted conversations with other registered users. With file and document sharing, you can store documents in online folders, share with other users and manage document comments and versions—all in a SSL encrypted environment. You can also manage your business network and connect with other users to view their business profile, exchange and share files, invite them to communities, see their online status and track their updates on your dashboard.

IBM Notes 7

IBM Notes 8

• Web meetings: Host online meetings with all the features you need, including application and desktop sharing, chat and Q&A, annotation tools and polling.

IBM Notes 9

• IBM SmartCloud Docs integration: IBM SmartCloud Docs provides web-based editors for creating, sharing and collaboratively authoring word processor, spreadsheet and presentation documents and the best part is that you can use IBM SmartCloud Docs simultaneously, like editing a document with other contributors.

IBM Notes 10

The SmartCloud Notes solution really enables you to bring together people from all over different geographic locations in a way that is very easy and makes it simple to try new types of collaboration and innovation.

Please let me know your thoughts. I can be reached @ThiViola on Twitter or in the comments below.

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