Leverage SaaS and PaaS to speed up application development

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IBM Cloud offerings have become more and more attractive. During IBM Pulse 2014,  a new service was announced, called Codename: BlueMix, that can really speed up your development and thus the time it takes to have your app in the marketplace.

The scenario we used  to demonstrate this involves multiple services, including software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), which provide you the necessary DevOps capabilities to develop and deploy cloud mobile applications.

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First, for collaboration, we will use JazzHub. JazzHub is based on SaaS and the Rational Team Concert product. Using this environment, you can define requirements, tasks, streams, releases and defects and assign them to an owner. You can also track the progress of each item. You can share your code through the Jazz embedded code repository or Git, as JazzHub can integrate with it.

As a PaaS platform, we will use IBM Codename: BlueMix where we will deploy a web service back-end using Zend PHP. Zend PHP developed a buildpack for Cloud Foundry (compatible with BlueMix) and we will use it to deploy an a lightweight version of the Zend PHP environment for our proof of concept (for more information please contact Zend PHP).

BlueMix, which is based on Cloud Foundry technology, allows you to quickly create the environment you need for your application. It has a number of frameworks (Java, WebSphere Liberty, Node.js) you can pick to create your application environment. BlueMix also offers a number of services you can attach to your application environment such as MongoDB, MBaaS and MapReduce. As it is based on Cloud Foundry, you can also use  buildpacks created by the Cloud Foundry community or by yourself.

Secondly, we will use the Android ADT plugin to create a mobile UI. The UI will call the back-end web service and display it as a list.

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We will use the well known Zend PHP environment to implement our back-end web service. Zend PHP provides a robust solution for the PHP environment, helping PHP developers with their Zend Studio IDE in their development tasks and operation team with their Zend console. The IDE contains a lot of tools and wizards and we used one of them to create our web service which will retrieve tweets and Facebook information, merge them and return it in a JSON format. They also provide clustering environments and a console to manage the your Zend PHP applications.

Now, we can deploy the back-end web service on the Zend PHP server deployed on BlueMix.

Once the testers do their job and detect possible defects, they use JazzHub to record them and assign them to a developer.

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The developer manages the defect, makes the corrections and pushes a new version of the application in BlueMix.

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