IBM leads with Codename: BlueMix at Pulse 2014

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IBM made two very important announcements today as part of IBM Pulse 2014: the launch of Codename: BlueMix and the formation of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Together, these announcements are critically important to IBM’s cloud strategy, and understanding them and their significance in the context of IBM’s open cloud architecture provides a view into the future.

IBM BlueMix exampleCodename: BlueMix is IBM’s strategic cloud-based application development environment.  Based on the open source Cloud Foundry project, BlueMix provides an open standards-based platform for building, managing and running applications of all types. This solution empowers developers to work alongside the business to rapidly bring new capabilities to market. Coupling a standardized, yet extensible set of runtime environments and frameworks with an ever-expanding set of ready-made marketplace services that are easily consumable encourages innovation and reduces both development operational costs.

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Important to the success of BlueMix is the success of the underlying open source Cloud Foundry project. Continuing the tradition of providing leadership, commitment and contributions to leading open source initiatives, IBM is proud to be a founding member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. This non-profit organization will provide open governance of the Cloud Foundry project and seek to ensure the long term health and success of the project and ecosystem. Joining IBM in this announcement with the intention of becoming founding members are Pivotal Software, Inc, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, EMC Corporation, Rackspace and VMware, among others.

In support of these announcements, key IBM employees joined together to provide a more in-depth look at the IBM open cloud strategy and Codename: BlueMix through an IBM Cloud point of view (PoV) titled “Accelerate Development of New Enterprise Solutions for the Cloud with Codename: BlueMix.” This paper builds off of the previously published “IBM’s  open cloud architecture” and “Under cloud cover: How leaders are accelerating competitive differentiation” survey to demonstrate how enterprises can leverage BlueMix for competitive success by:
BlueMix whitepaper
• Unlocking innovation to speed the creation of new solutions
• Scaling through open architectures to reduce development and operation expenses
• Leveraging open ecosystems to enhance the ability to adapt
• Enabling development for rapid business outcomes to reduce the impact and magnitude of missteps
• Facilitating engagement through social media and mobile to transform customer and partner interactions for competitive advantage
• Exploiting the economics of consumption to enable sophisticated, yet cost-effective solutions

Accelerate Development of New Enterprise Solutions for the Cloud with Codename: BlueMix” provides the blueprint needed to achieve three differentiators: start with a solid foundation, empower developers and find a trusted partner. The solid foundation enables developers to participate in the API Economy and rapidly develop solutions running in a composable environment sitting on a software-defined environment. With Codename: BlueMix and that solid foundation, the developer has an extensible range of capabilities and services:

• Programming languages and frameworks
• Discoverable, consumable services
• Integrated lifecycle management and automation tooling

These capabilities and services empower the developer to deliver applications faster, cheaper and with better quality than previously possible.

Click here to read the full PoV and gain an understanding of where IBM is taking the cloud.

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Director and Distinguished Engineer, IBM Cloud Infrastructure

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