IBM Pulse 2014: Protecting your cloud infrastructure

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Starting Sunday, Feb. 23, I will be attending the IBM Pulse 2014 in beautiful Las Vegas. This event is held every year and brings together IBM partners, customers and industry experts with a primary focus on current trends and upcoming innovation in the technology segment. This year will be of particular interest as it focuses on Cloud technology and services

IBM PulseAttendees will have a rare opportunity to engage and learn about how to use cloud to energize their business, discuss the benefits of building a smarter infrastructure, optimizing IT and service management. Additionally organizations will discover new methods in managing and securing their mobile infrastructure and last but not least IBM Pulse 2014 will also cover best practices on how to protect your data and secure your Cloud infrastructure.

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Fittingly enough, IBM asked me to introduce our interested audience to a session on “How to protect your cloud infrastructure.” As we all know, securing your private, public or hybrid Cloud infrastructure has become one of the primary challenges for IT organizations and cloud providers. The byproducts of such challenges bring to light requirements for additional capabilities to help improve an organization’s audit and compliance stance.

In addition, organizations that provide service level agreements (SLAs) as part of their software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering are also looking for advanced feature sets such as analytics and forensic discovery related to ongoing and emerging cyber threats. Cyber threats affect organizations of all sizes regardless of the industry. As recently as the end of last year, we saw examples of some well publicized security breaches—especially related to the retail industry.

I hope to provide the audience with answers to their most pressing questions around securing their infrastructure, but also introduce the them to the latest innovation around security intelligence.

In the event that your primary function relates to data center/IT operations, infrastructure, IT strategy and technology, I believe that attending IBM Pulse 2014 will definitely yield great value from a learning and discovery stand point.

Even though not everyone can attend IBM Pulse 2014, feel free to keep up to date on twitter with the hashtag #IBMPULSE or continue the discussion and follow me on twitter @thinkahead.

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