A cloud resolution for government leaders

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I am not an expert in setting New Year’s resolutions, but I know for a fact that many of us (including myself) end up abandoning our efforts within the first few weeks. I cannot tell you how many times I set a goal to lose weight, which as you might suspect is the most popular New Year’s resolution every year and is again this year according to

Guess what? I have yet to get my six-pack abs and fighter’s physique. Sometimes this goal seems so unattainable, I feel like I would do better wishing for world peace.

Well, this year it is going to be different. I am proposing a New Year’s resolution we can all surely focus on completing within the first few months of 2014. It involves use of the IBM Federal Cloud Innovation Center (IBM FCIC) in Washington D.C. The best part is that this could serve as a stepping stone to enrich the lives of others (which could ultimately lead to world peace).

If you read my last blog post, “Innovations in federal cloud put me on cloud nine,” you should be familiar with the IBM FCIC. Some of you may have even attended the inaugural event where we heard from Martin Wolfe and Kevin Hall on how best to move to the cloud and run your trusted and secure missions.

Now, it is time to act. I am proposing that we get together at IBM FCIC and tackle our nation’s problems head-on through collaboration and partnership. So, let’s make it our New Year’s resolution to join at our center (or “your center,” as Anne Altman, General Manager, IBM US Federal so candidly put it in her opening remarks). Addressing leaders in federal government, academia, partners and industries, Anne said, “FCIC is really your center, so come to the center and use it as a forum for collaboration, a means for sharing information and a means for challenging each other.”

She also pointed out five ways that you could use this center. At the FCIC, you can find help with:

1. Migrating to the cloud
2. Testing an application in the cloud
3. Developing a proof of concept or prototype an application for the cloud
4. Exploring the future of technology as it pertains to the cloud
5. Specific requirements (for example smarter workforce management) and leveraging the cloud

Dr. Jane Snowdon, Director of IBM FCIC and Chief Innovation Officer, IBM US Federal further emphasized that “this center is here for you and we are committed to bring together the best and brightest from IBM around cloud computing to work together with academic, industrial, government customers and business partners in order to address your mission requirements to run open, scalable, flexible and secure applications in the cloud.”

She also pointed out the multiple reasons why we have come together at this center as depicted in the circle:

1. Educate
2. Collaborate
3. Innovate
4. Solve

I hope everyone reading this will plan a short visit to the center or to at least reach out to us to discuss your situation and how we can combine our efforts to bring value to your customers and achieve success. Do it now and be proud that you have at last fulfilled a New Year’s resolution.  Join the IBM FCIC community at Also, if you get your news from Twitter, then follow me: @faidun.

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