Cloud computing for $50 or less?

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There’s not much you can buy for a dollar these days, but $50 can still score you something pretty decent.

Here are some ideas on how I might spend $50 and not feel too bad about it:

  • The first thing I can think of is grocery shopping, since my fridge is almost empty. I can make a stop at the supermarket to grab good food to make myself a few nice meals.
  • The second thing I can think of is filling up my car with gas, and I had better do it soon, before prices go up again.
  • The third thing I can do is treat myself to some new clothes. I recently bought myself a new pair of exercise pants. They were a much smarter and cheaper purchase than the pair of running shoes that I was considering…though I still have my eyes on those running shoes.

But something that is always on my wish list is buying a new computer to replace my 12-year-old PC. I like to write C++ programs to manage my personal finances. My PC has only 64 megabytes of memory though, so it takes hours to recompile C++ code. I haven’t saved enough money to buy a new one since I have a mortgage to pay too. My old PC cost $2,000, and although PC prices nowadays are much cheaper than 12 years ago, the average cost is still over $500.

One day, I had dinner with some of my university classmates. After I complained about the speed of my PC, one of them suggested that I try a cloud service. I was skeptical about this cloud service because I thought I couldn’t afford it.

So I Googled “top 10 cloud service providers for 2013.” I checked each one in an effort to get the best deal. That’s when I found SoftLayer (an IBM company). SoftLayer provides a one month trial of their cloud service, at no cost, that includes a virtual configuration comprised of 1 CPU, 1 gigabyte of memory and 25 gigabytes of storage. This configuration would more than suffice for my purpose of writing a personal finance program, and hopefully it would enable me to work more effectively than my old PC on its own. The best part is that I can increase the configuration anytime if I need it.

What did I find when I gave it a try? The configuration was faster and higher than my old PC—and it is available whenever and wherever I want it. I was convinced! What a great deal, and I thought to myself, “I still have $50 to spend!” So I kissed my PC goodbye.

If you want to move your ideas into reality, feel free to try a cloud server for one month at no charge! The SoftLayer cloud service can also benefit a large enterprise because of the speed of provisioning, the flexible capacity to respond to increased demand and the bare metal cloud offering. You can find a list of use cases that best take advantage of cloud characteristics in one of my earlier blog posts, “Cloud computing in the real world .”

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