Run mobile workloads using IBM Worklight and Zend PHP on the cloud

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IBM SmartCloud Application Services provides a mobile application platform using IBM Worklight. We also have the Zend Server Pattern on IBM SmartCloud Application Services and created a proof of concept leveraging these different technologies.

In this proof of concept, we used IBM Worklight as the front-end platform and the Zend Server as the back-end platform.

The scenario we implemented is a Twitter and Facebook mashup mobile application. To build this environment we used the following components from the SmartCloud Application Services:

  • The SmartCloud Application Collaborative Lifecycle Management Service for development tools to improve the collaboration in the project application development
  • The IBM Worklight Pattern to quickly deploy a mobile environment on the cloud where we will implement the mobile front-end
  • The IBM Zend Server Pattern to deploy an efficient, enterprise-class PHP environment in order to easily implement services which will retrieve the posts and tweets from Facebook and Twitter.

  • The Zend Studio IDE, on which we installed:
    • The Rational Team Concert plugin to enable collaboration in the application project team
    • The Worklight Studio plugin to enable all Worklight development functionality
    • The “SCAWS pattern deployer” to deploy from an Eclipse environment the Worklight Application in the Worklight running pattern

This environment will offer you the flexibility of developing mobile applications for different type of devices (iOS, Android, Windows) through the IBM Worklight capabilities and the ease of developing services through the Zend Studio, and all this in a single integrated development environment (IDE).

Here is a video demo of the environment:

We will present this proof of concept at ZendCon Santa Clara.


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