Why I can’t live without cloud computing services

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Cloud computing services are becoming very common in everyone’s lives. Most people use them but don’t even realize that. As I’m a kind of early adopter of new technologies that help me solve problems of my daily life, it’s a good idea to start talking about cloud computing by sharing my personal experiences with these services. Being very honest, I can’t live without them anymore.

Shared calendar:

Some time ago, I used to cause confusion by overbooking appointments with my girlfriend. We had some arguments because of that. I confess she was always right, because she had always made the appointments before me. She always told me about them but I always forgot.

Yeah, I’ve been running out of memory. I’m getting old, I guess.

Then I found a solution to my problem in the cloud: a shared calendar for our smartphones. When my girlfriend makes an appointment now, I receive it on my smartphone immediately. We are a happier couple, thanks to the cloud.

We’ve been using this shared calendar for everything since then. As an example, we have to give a flea-control pill to our dog at every three months and this is how we remember it. We are a very organized couple now.

Travel organizer:

My last vacation was a 6000 kilometer road trip with my girlfriend and another couple of friends between Sydney and Port Douglas in Australia.

We decided to book accommodations in advance in different cities on the way, because we wouldn’t like to drive for so many hours during the day and search for hotels at the end of the day. We might not to find any accommodation and have to sleep in the car, which would be very uncomfortable.  We planned the trip everyone together and we needed a tool to help us organize and share information about hotels, directions, tours, cruises, dates, times and so on.

As all of us have good smartphones, I had the idea of using a cloud-based travel organizer. Actually, I have been using this service for a long time but that was the first time I organized a trip with more people. That was very efficient and the trip was smooth as we planned. We had no problems at all, thanks to the cloud again. And we didn’t run over any kangaroo.

Shared shopping list:

Getting back to the problems with my girlfriend – I hope she doesn’t get upset with me when she reads this!

My girlfriend and I live together. Every time I forgot to buy something that she had asked me to when I went to the supermarket, she used to complain. Yeah, my memory failing again. But I used to do the same to her – that’s the truth.

Then, I thought: can the cloud help me solve our problem again? Yes, it can.

I found a mobile application that allows us share a shopping list. When she needs something, she adds to our list. Whoever goes shopping first (even online), buys everything that we need. This is the cloud making us happier, once again.

Smartphone and tablet backups:

Backing up my smartphone and tablet used to be a pain. Firstly, because I had to remember – you already know that my memory is not very good. Secondly, because I had to connect them to my notebook to run the backups.

Thanks to the cloud, I don’t have to move a finger to run these backups nowadays, as long as my smartphone and tablet are connected to a Wi-Fi network. My backups run like magic now.


Everyone knows the traditional way of watching a movie: renting/buying a Blu-Ray or DVD.

Today, my movies are in the cloud and I can watch them on my TV, notebook, tablet or smartphone. And my girlfriend can do the same. That’s exactly why I love cloud computing.


I still have a network-attached storage (NAS) at home with thousands of music files. I used to have to copy them to my smartphone when I wanted to listen to them.

Nowadays, I subscribe to a service that allows me and my girlfriend listen to any music we want through our notebooks, tablets and smartphones, in the cloud.

It made me remember that I can free up space on my NAS and use it for something else.

Yeah… this is cloud computing.

Personal documents:

Not so long time ago, every time I had to provide a personal document to someone, I had to photocopy the document, scan it and send it by email.

Today, I have a digitalized version of all my personal documents stored in a cloud-based storage service. All I have to do is to send them by email through my smartphone when I need to. This is the cloud helping me be more efficient.

This blog post:

I didn’t have time to stop to write this post at once.

Then, I thought: how can I write this and my future blog posts through my notebook, tablet or smartphone by using any free time I have, such as in a bus or a train?

By using the same cloud computing service that I use to store my personal documents, I can continue writing my blog posts through any of my devices, wherever I am, at any time.

These were very good examples of how cloud computing is helping make my life (and my girlfriend’s life) easier. I also want to draw your attention to how I’m always looking to the cloud to find solutions for personal problems of my daily life.

Do you think we can use the same way of thinking and look to the cloud to solve business problems? Share your thoughts below and/or talk to me on Twitter.

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