7 steps to ensure success with social, mobile, cloud convergence

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In June 2013, the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) published a white paper titled Cloud Standards Customer Council Convergence of Social, Mobile & Cloud: 7 Steps to Ensure Success. As is the case with other white papers published by the CSCC, this is informative and well written. Definitely a paper I can recommend to decision makers analyzing the implications of the convergence of social, mobile and cloud technologies.

The white paper included a series of steps that should be taken to ensure successful deployment of cloud‐based social and mobile solutions. Requirements and best practices are highlighted for each step. In addition, each step takes into account the realities of today’s landscape and postulates how this space is likely to evolve in the future, including the important role that open standards will play.

The following steps are discussed in detail:

1 Adopt an open IT strategy and architectureTalks about aligning to business objectives, identifying experts, measuring success, adapting IT governance and how convergence of social, mobile and cloud can pose challenges to current enterprise architectures.
2 Establish cloud as the coreTalks about how the five characteristics of cloud computing contribute to and enhance the reach and scale of mobile and social applications, and how to ensure a successful cloud deployment; one that adequately supports the specific requirements of mobile and social business solutions.
3 Prioritize mobile accessTalks about how industry leaders are increasingly adopting an extensible Mobile Application Platform (MAP) approach, which four questions can guide you in the evaluation process when assessing an effective mobile application platform, mobile application development and connectivity, mobile device management, mobile security and mobile analytics.
4 Extend social interactionTalks about the potential benefits of social business by activating people to improving productivity, accelerate innovation, connect with clients and delight customers by driving loyalty, anticipating problems, responding faster and enabling self‐service. It also talks about the range of social business technologies which may be required to achieve success. Finally, it talks about the critical steps and requirements for deploying effective social.
5 Leverage analytics to gain insightTalks about how enterprises can ensure exceptional, consistent and secure experiences across all mobile devices by implementing a big data powered infrastructure service based on cloud, stream computing, machine data, location analytics and next‐best‐action leverages. It also talks about the high‐level considerations to keep in mind as enterprises ready their big data initiatives for prime-time cloud‐based deployment; stakeholder, stacks, scalability, skillsets, and seamless service.
6 Establish a DevOps capability for rapid delivery of innovationTalks about which challenges organizations must address to effectively adopt DevOps, which key tenants organizations should aspire to achieve when implementing a DevOps solution, gives an example of a DevOps reference architecture as well as en example of a DevOps tool chain that will be used to manage and deliver changes and gives some insight into monitoring and optimization.
7 Adopt a flexible integration modelTalks about different integration strategies, how the increasing need for agility and ease‐of‐use solutions are making the capabilities of the new cloud integration approaches more attractive than established Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions, and how event‐driven interactive infrastructure will provide the level of performance and value needed to support new systems of interaction with people, mobile devices, sensors, machines and applications.

To learn more about how to succeed with convergence of social, mobile and cloud read the full Cloud Standards Customer Council Convergence of Social, Mobile & Cloud: 7 Steps to Ensure Success white paper available, at no charge, from the Cloud Standards Customer Council web site.

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