How can desktop cloud improve your business?

desktop-cloud-componentsWhen we are talking about desktop cloud it’s not exactly about the personal computer. Can you imagine using your session anytime and anywhere with any device, like smartphones or tablets?

We are talking about mobility, security and facilities. It is no secret to IT professionals that with virtualization we have big operational gains for desktops and more. If we now consider a desktop cloud, we can leave the processes and problems with operating system (OS) compatability, app compatibility, security and mobility behind.

To start this post we need to discuss the concept of desktop as a service (DaaS). DaaS is considered the ideal platform for cloud computing in a company that will need mobility and security.

Some examples are banks with areas focused in stock exchange. They need to know what happens in the market, economy and country as a whole. The employees can work anytime or anywhere with the virtual desktop systems that can be accessed from intelligent networks enabled devices as a platform, such as smartphones and tablets and from more traditional devices, such as notebooks and desktop computers.

Thinking DaaS, you can go to other areas, like applications and personal data. You don’t need to have applications installed in your OS by users. Place your applications in a cloud; with it you can centralize and manage Windows applications in the datacenter and instantly deliver as a service to users anywhere using any device.

Certainly, the main benefits of DaaS are the following:

  • Security
  • Mobility
  • Operations Costs
  • IT requirements
  • Green IT
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Employees can work anywhere

DaaS will be the appropriate solution for employees that will need to connect on any device anywhere and certainly should be considered by companies in the next few years.


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