Cloud in a box: IBM PureFlex System

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Nowadays, life in the big city and in large urban centers requires you to do everything quickly, especially with your business. Sometimes this pace is faster than you can even keep up with!

In our personal lives, we often use electronic services such as payments by credit card, Internet banking, online purchases (air tickets, hotel rooms, movie tickets, car rentals) and email and instant messaging services to communicate with family and friends.

These kinds of services make our business and personal lives easier, helping us to save time and to work more quickly and comfortably. Many people and companies want these benefits, so the service infrastructure should be adequately dimensioned to attend to the demand. We call this provisioning. I have discussed this topic in more details on this blog post “IBM SmartCloud Provisioning: Added value for business.”

Data center infrastructure should be responsible to enable service, remain up and running and available, offer quick installation and be flexible and integrated to provide us the needed service efficiency to quickly support the demand. “IBM PureFlex System can address these points.

PureFlex System combines all the tools you need into one package: easy deployment of the system, low staffing cost at the start and efficiency. There are some packages available using pSeries or xSeries.

What is included in the PureFlex System?

  • Power7 processor
    • Higher processor frequencies
    • More cache
    • Hardware acceleration
    • Hardware base encryption
  • Storage node
    • Easy Tier intelligent storage
    • Tiering near real-time compression
    • User interface mobile support for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry
  • Virtualization
  • Networking
  • Ethernet, Fiber Channel and InfiniBand supports
  • Management integration

What are the PureFlex System benefits?

  • Fast: providing virtual machine deployment in four hours
  • Quickly and flexibly integrated
  • Reduces storage cost
  • Reduces application expenses
  • Reduces operational expenses
  • Integrated by design
  • Runs hundreds or thousands of virtual machines
  • Simple and has a wide range of application support access
  • Accelerates application service deployment times
  • Accelerates the ability to implement and optimize workloads with a rich set of options for workloads, network and storage
  • Simplifies the deployment and management of virtual machines and cloud infrastructure with integrated knowledge that provides positioning, delivery and monitoring of virtual machines and advanced automation
  • Agility across multiple operating systems

IBM PureFlex System simplifies the IT experience, providing fast service enablement and applications ready to be used at low costs. In my opinion, we are at the beginning of a new technology stage where value can be delivered in a box.

What do you think about IBM PureFlex System? Share your ideas below.

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