IBM SmartCloud Provisioning: Added value for business

world-wide-web-codeHow do you explain provisioning in simple words?

Provisioning guarantees that something will be available from an IT perspective (services, communication network and applications).

In terms of organization, imagine a new company inauguration event to receive one hundred people.  We need provisioning for various items, like tables, chairs, food, a place to hold the party and invitations.  How do we make sense of it all?  Consider the following points:

  • Organization:  finding or renting a venue and sending invitations
  • Scaling: are there enough food and drinks for all the guests?  What about tables and chairs?
  • Time: coordinating the time of the party and ensuring that the proper equipment is there

What does IT provisioning mean?  In the process of providing users with access to data and technology resources, it includes:

  • Granted authorization to systems and applications, database, virtual machines
  • To attend a demand or delivery services, usually described an service contract between customer and cloud service provider that defines service level agreement (SLA), policies and limits

Cloud provisioning is responsible for guaranteeing the deployment and integration of cloud computing service within an enterprise IT Infrastructure.  It defines how, what and when an IT organization will provision cloud services.

IBM SmartCloud Provisioning manages users of the system that connect to the servers, network and storage to run applications, to utilize virtual images, virtual system patterns and virtual system instances.  We can request, a provisioning of hundred virtual machines, storage and application through a web interface, and have it alive in minutes or hours.

Added value to the business

Tasks running in parallel with scale out capabilities speed up the build of virtual infrastructure and provide for the services fast reaction to support business needs and enable the improvements:

  • Business-enabling function,  with a defined service catalogue in line with architecture guidelines
  • The IT organization delivers higher levels of efficiency and agility.
  • Transparency to address business issues in the fast way
  • Applications can be deployed rapidly across cloud resources.
  • Help to increase the company credibility to achieve the market needs on the right time
  • Dramatically increase service capacity

In my opinion, provisioning over cloud resources brings the company the best of breed, and is the fast way to add value to the business.

Here is a video and blog post on SmartCloud Provisioning that provide more information.

What do you think?  Share your ideas in the comments below.

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