Build mobile applications with Worklight and IBM SmartCloud

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IBM-worklight-smartcloudToday at IBM Innovate in Orlando, a new, no-cost trial was announced for IBM Worklight and IBM SmartCloud Application Services. The trial is expected to be available later this month and will enable developers to build applications and deploy into IBM SmartCloud using IBM Worklight technology.

Businesses will be able to build mobile applications quickly while avoiding capital purchases and management costs at the outset of the project. Once the application has been developed, delivery through the IBM SmartCloud has also been simplified, giving businesses the opportunity to get their application in the hands of clients quickly.

To register for the trial, visit this page.

But first, a short introduction to IBM Worklight.

Worklight is a platform that allows you to create applications for mobile in a paradigm of “develop once, deploy on multiple type of devices.” That’s mean you can develop an application and run it either on iOS, Android or WindowsMobile. Of course, you can also develop specific parts of the application in using the native API and Worklight will manage it and create the application bundle to deploy on the IBM Worklight Mobile platform.

The Worklight server provides you with a security-rich environment that will control application access and play the role of a backed environment where you will be able to define your business logic and adapters to agglomerate information from other services.

The Worklight Developer Edition can also be downloaded for free and installed on an Eclipse platform as a plugin and provides a full IDE, which contains wizards and tools to create a Worklight application.

The Worklight Developer Edition also provides an embedded Worklight server (based on Jetty) so developers can test the application on their laptop. This is fine for the development phase and only if the application doesn’t need extra resource, but what if you need to share the application with testers? Imagine if the application needs extra services such as a messaging platform, other applications via API, databases and/or you have a tester team.

The solution is the Worklight Pattern and it is provided on the SmartCloud Application Service, as the pattern is based on the WebApp pattern, you will be able to add extra components in your pattern such as databases, other Enterprise applications or leverage on other patterns available on SCAS (such as the Zend PHP pattern) in order to have a full development, testing, qualification and production environment and integrate all parts of your enterprise architecture within the cloud.

As it is now available on SmartCloud Application Services (at GA SCAS R1.1) as a trial, you will be able to build your environment for integration tests, staging or production within an hour, with no need to order any more servers, install them or configure them!

Just design your pattern and launch it. IBM SmartCloud Application Services provisions servers for you on the SmartCloud Enterprise platform. You will pay the infrastructure and middleware in a pay as you go (PAYG) or bring your own license (BYOL) model at a hourly or monthly rate. The Worklight license will be in BOYL mode. During the trial period all of this will be at no charge. If you want to continue to use it beyond the trial, you will have to purchase the Worklight License and choose the billing model for the infrastructure and middleware.

Register now for the Worklight Trial on IBM SmartCloud Application Services!

If you don’t have an SmartCloud Application Services account yet and you would like to give Worklight a try, there is also a no-charge trial allowing you to order a SmartCloud Application Services at no charge; please visit You will be also able to try the SmartCloud Application Collaborative Lifecycle Management Service which provides the Rational suite: Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, Rational Requirement Composer and also other pattern-types such as the Web Application pattern type.

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