April #cloudchat recap: Cloud disruption and the next wave of innovation

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My client changed its department name to “Business Process Improvement Office”

This means that the CIO's focus has changed from IT to business process improvement. If possible, the CIO does not want to further change the IT infrastructure (for example correspondence of software, end of service, and so on).

Forums, self help, community help and the cloud: Pros and cons

To find solutions for many software issues, we often depend on self-help or community help. This has me wondering if this really works for users of these services. I use forums and do searches for information to assist me when I am using software solutions as a consumer, but in a business environment are expectations […]

May #cloudchat: What questions should you ask your cloud provider?

During this month’s #cloudchat, we want to examine the role of the organization versus the role of the cloud service provider across the entire cloud lifecycle. Particularly, we will discuss what questions should you ask your cloud provider when it comes to service level agreements (SLAs) and roles and responsibilities with regard to your data.