April #cloudchat recap: Cloud disruption and the next wave of innovation


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SoftLayer’s value is indisputable — and easy to explain

What makes SoftLayer—and SLayers—so darn cool?

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7 considerations when moving on-prem software to cloud

To cloud or not to cloud is the question that many software vendors are currently facing. Should they continue to offer their software as on-premises or move to a cloud-based model? A move to cloud computing is a win-win scenario for cloud vendor and customers alike. As a cloud vendor, you get to benefit from the […]

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IBM Research’s cloud: An incubator for cloud technologies

You can’t turn around without seeing something cloud-related from IBM these days. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Plus, IBM SmartCloud Provisioning…the list goes on and on. But what you might not know is that some of the technologies in these products got their start in IBM’s biggest internal cloud environment.

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