An appliance based approach to IT

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In honor of IBM PureSystems’ 1st birthday today, we’re talking expert integrated systems on the blog. Happy birthday, PureSystems!

The world is a different place compared to five years ago. The financial pressures placed on organizations and the need to respond at speed to shifts in market conditions has created irrevocable change for IT and businesses alike; you don’t need to be genius to know that.

Most organizations I talk to are dealing with the challenge of an unprecedented financial climate. At the same time the expansion capabilities of existing data centers have plateau. It’s perceived that IT has been slow to respond; employing the same thinking they have utilized for the last decade.

My question, inevitably, is if our current situation is unprecedented then should we not be employing new thought to the problems at hand? In the words of Einstein “This world is a product of our thinking, in order to change it we must change our thinking”.

We need to deal with the current issues that IT organizations are facing with solutions that are original and challenge current thought processes. The quest for virtualization has led to server sprawl and brittle integration has done nothing to reduce the cost of ongoing maintenance.

Client tuned systems which have been the actual standard. However, organizations could do a lot worse than look at an appliance approach. An appliance approach is one where we have pre-integrated solutions that deliver output based computing at the smallest IT footprint. In essence a single rack that is easy to set up and manage and is optimized for the workload.

Pre-Integration reduces the deployment time of services compared to client tuned systems and enables organizations to invest that time in either driving innovations or improving services…

By no means will this approach solve all of the issues IT providers are facing, however it can and will help in some key areas, especially when it comes to:

  • Reducing complexity
  • Reducing cost
  • Improving agility

Appliances can make a difference, however until now appliances have been a one-trick pony, focused on a single specific task. The IBM PureSystems Family provides an appliance-like approach that could significantly change the game.

As an expert integrated system, PureSystems are ready-built from the factory to run in a single chassis with compute, network, storage, middleware, databases and security and monitoring software all optimized. Combine that with pattern based deployment of third party applications and you have a system that is ready in hours and can then deploy complex virtual applications in minutes.

Maybe it’s time to take a serious look at an appliance approach to solving IT issues.

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