IBM makes waves with open standards announcement

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IBM OpenStack press conference

IBM’s press conference March 4, 2013, at IBM Pulse in Las Vegas.

This week at PULSE in Las Vegas, IBM announced that our cloud software and services will be based on open standards. A major moment for OpenStack and the open standards movement, the news caught the attention of the media, blogosphere and Twitterverse. In case you missed some of the discussion, here are some of the highlights from across the Web. We welcome your thoughts!

“I think the trend here is that OpenStack has won the race to become the standard, and it has done it rapidly”…IBM’s seal of approval over time helped Linux gain acceptance and credibility in big businesses. For the cloud, it will help nudge the industry toward an accepted standard.  Wall Street Journal’s  AllThingsDigital

“Customers want to avoid vendor lock-in so they have more choice,” LeBlanc said, before adding that key to this open focus will be customer involvement and the evolution of the Cloud Standards Customer Council, which it helped found — CloudPro

…this is a step forward in “breaking the chains for high cost technologies.” On the conference call, he said that for large businesses and entrepreneurs, “the canvas for innovation is moving to the cloud.” –Jim Smith, a managing partner for Mohr Davidow Ventures quoted in VentureBeat

“I can’t just stress enough the importance of open standards and that’s really regardless of platform,” Snyder said.  …  If we don’t have standards, we potentially run the risk of vendor lock-in and that’s something we absolutely want to avoid. —  Jay Snyder of Aetna quoted in Virtualization Review

That IBM chose cooperation, and assured that interoperability at least will remain the norm as cloud technology moves forward, is an historic turning point. —

The critical momentum that the industry is seeing today for the open standards cloud movement is reminiscent of Linux and its turning point in the late 1990s, and we’re willing to bet that cloud will have a similar outcome – the triumph of open standards over proprietary approaches to cloud computing. — IBMer Dan Frye, Wired

With open standards in place we can more easily create new services – such as harnessing the power of mobile and utilizing social media collaboration – and do so more quickly. — Lockheed Martin’s Melvin Greer, Cloud Computing Journal

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